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4 best and lightest scariest Android horror games

Best and scariest Android horror game – The Google Play Store for Android offers many applications with different functions. One of them is a game application. Some are entertaining because they are fun and exciting, but there are also some Android games that we will discuss this time around, some games that are specifically designed for horror lovers. In this game application, everything in it will be scary. Based on themes, symbols, etc. related to horror.

Every gamer certainly has a different view of what makes a horror game really scary. It could be a terrible ghost design, a dark and cramped play area, or a gruesome and bloody act. Quite a few gamers are shocked and scared until their hairs stand up while playing Horror games it could be due to the sudden appearance of a ghost, it could also be the music / background that add to the creepy feeling.

If it happens to be gamers who like challenges and horror lovers, then it is mandatory to download and play the best and scariest horror game on Android phones.

This is a list of the best and scariest Android horror games

1. Eyes: The Haunt

Horror game eyes the spook

In this horror game you have to collect as many bags of coins as you can without being noticed by a creepy head-shaped ghost hovering around the old house and watching. Completing these eyes requires courage large enough to collect 20 sacks on three floors of the house, guarded by the ghost-shaped head previously hovering.

2. Mystique series

Mystic series horror game

Horror games Second best and scariest android is Mystique Series, a horror game that shocks and panics the people who play it. Setting the space in a haunted room naturally makes this android horror game one of the best horror android games to play. In this Mystique series horror game you need to be able to collect items quickly or you will be confused and helpless.

Each level has a different horror level. Your goal in this game is to solve the puzzles in this game quickly.

3. Ellie: Please help me

Ellie horror game help me please

This game is enough to keep you tense as you play. In the game Ellie: Help Me Out Please you slip into the role of a small child who is trapped in a room and does not know where it is called a mysterious room.

The little boy in this Android horror game thinks he has been kidnapped by someone. However, it is not clear if he was really kidnapped or what, what is clear is that your courage will be put to the test in this game.

4. Psychiatry III Lite

Horror game for mental hospitals 3

Mental Hospital III Lite is a Horror games the best in 2021. You can still enjoy the benefits of this game today.

In this game your task is to record videos in a mental hospital. The hospital that you occupy in this game is pretty calm and very scary. Curious about this horror game you can download it from the Google Play Store on your Android.

Well that’s something Best and scariest Android horror game The original version of Oyeg as reported by is just a suggestion folks. For those who are curious to try games from the horror genre, it is better to prepare great courage and not do it too often. It’s because I’m scared of getting swept away in a dream.

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