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4 Applications to Help When Playing Pokemon Go on Android

Applications to assist you when playing Pokemon Go on Android – This Pokemon Go game is still very popular with gamers. Because the game is made Niantic Inc This is able to get players to leave the house to hunt rare Pokémon. Players are presented with virtual games as they are in the real world because this game uses technology expanded reality and use GPS functions on the phone. Where augmented reality technology activates the cell phone camera while the game is running and the location of the Pokémon’s presence is automatically determined by an active cell phone GPS, it is not surprising that players lose track of time while playing the Pokemon Go game.

Pokemon Go support app

Well in this article I am going to review a report Support application when playing Pokemon Go on Android. As we know, the Pokemon Go game is quite a difficult game as it enables several other cell phone functions. As such, it’s not uncommon for gamers to often run out on obstacles like wasted batteries, lag, weight, and often even alone while playing Pokemon Go. Therefore, in order to minimize the existing problems, several supporting applications are needed for you to be comfortable while playing. Below are a few Pokemon Go support app that you can try.

Applications to assist you when playing Pokemon Go on Android

Before doing this, please update the Pokemon Go game on your phone to the latest version first. So far, the Pokemon Go game has reached the version 0.29.3. Where in this latest version the bugs or problems of the previous version have been fixed. For example, GPS signal not found and others.

You can update Pokemon Go directly from the Play Store, or if you can’t update directly from the PlayStore, you can download the APK file Pokemon Go 0.29.3 from

1. Game booster

The first Pokemon Go support application is Game Booster. This application acts as a RAM manager for your phone. So that your phone’s RAM is not overloaded, which can cause the Pokemon Go game to become difficult, delayed, or close. You can get game booster applications for free from the Play Store, such as: CM Game Booster or GameBooster 3.

2. GPS status & toolbox

This application is used to reset the phone’s GPS settings to the default settings. The goal is that while playing Pokemon Go, there are no problems with the signal not found or other errors caused by GPS. Operation is very simple, please select first menu then choose GPS manager select next Reset to default.

3. HSPA + Tweaker

The next Pokemon Go support application is HSPA + Tweaker. The function of this application is to stabilize the internet network on your mobile phone. Because if your phone’s internet network isn’t as stable as it is often when switching from 3G to 2G, it can result in a forced shutdown as Pokemon Go won’t be able to reload your location data. Using this application is very simple, first download and install the application from Google Play, then run it and then click the H button. Keep this application running in the background for as long as you play Pokemon Go.

4. Black screen of life

This application is useful for turning off the phone screen when the phone is in a pocket. So this application is very useful for keeping the phone from wasting battery or heating up quickly while playing Pokemon Go.

Well, that is the information I can give on some of the applications Assistance in playing Pokemon Go on Android. Hopefully useful and can add to your insights. Much luck.

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