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3+ How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone at One Time – Do you want to delete a lot of contacts on your iPhone associated with Gmail and iCloud accounts? Follow this method to easily delete iPhone contacts.

Deleting contacts on iPhone proves to be a little more complicated as they not only come from the Contacts app, but they can also come from different accounts like iCloud, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, and more. Even if it’s 2021 now, Apple still hasn’t made it easier to delete multiple contacts from an iPhone at once.

Of course, for those of you who have inactive contacts, this is very annoying. Regardless of whether it is the contact of a friend, colleague, or anyone else, it must be very annoying, especially when it is no longer active. In this case, the ideal solution is to delete this list en masse. Unfortunately, Apple does not offer a function to efficiently delete multiple contacts at the same time.

However, there are three solutions that are worth deleting multiple contacts on your iPhone. One of them requires you to use the Gmail service in Settings, the rest can use services from third party applications.

If you want to delete multiple contacts on your iPhone associated with specific accounts like Gmail and iCloud, please follow the guide below:

How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone

  • Please go to settings.
  • Then choose Passwords & Accounts.
  • Then select the Gmail or iCloud account according to the location of the contact you want to delete.
  • Then please turn it off contacts by moving the button.
  • Then a new window will appear, then choose Erase from my iPhone.

How to delete iPhone contacts

When you use iCloud, your contacts are stored and backed up in the cloud so you can use them on all of your Apple devices, including iOS and macOS computers. Any changes to your contacts will automatically change your iCloud connected device. Of course, this also applies to contacts on your iPhone.

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Unlike the Contacts app on iPhone (in the previous tutorial), the web version of iCloud on your Mac lets you select multiple contacts to delete. To get started, please follow the tutorial below:

Deleting contacts with iCloud

  • Please open through your computer or laptop (using a smartphone is not recommended).
  • Sign in with Apple ID and password your.
  • Please select on the main page contacts.

Choose Contacts

  • Please mark the contact you want to delete with the Ctrl key on your Mac device.
  • Keep scrolling down and select the contact you want to delete.
  • After you have successfully marked the contact to be deleted, please click on the symbol settings at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Then please choose Extinguish.
  • When a new window appears, please click Extinguish.

Choose Delete

The contact you selected will now be deleted from all of your devices. Yes, I understand that the two tutorials I created are not an easy process, which is why a better solution is to use a third-party iOS app. Here is the guide:

Deleting contacts using app groups

For bulk delete contacts on iPhone, Grups is one of the most famous third party apps. This freemium app offers advanced functionality via in-app purchases. However, the ability to delete multiple contacts can be enjoyed for FREE.

  • Download the app groups on your iPhone.
  • Then run the Groups app on your iPhone.
  • Give the Google Groups app access to your contacts when prompted.
  • Select All contacts from the group list.
  • Browse your contacts and mark the ones you want to delete by tapping the circle to the left of their name.
  • Choose an option Choose action above.

Delete contact groups

  • Tap Delete contacts … when a new window appears.
  • Finally choose Remove from my iPhone! confirm.

Remove from my iPhone!

So the article on how to delete contacts on iPhone quickly. Hopefully this article is successful and useful to all of you.

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