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2 ways to remove red cross marks on laptop batteries

The appearance of a red cross with a warning consider replacing the battery The laptop battery has indeed confused many Windows 7 users.

This is very reasonable because after all, battery health is important, especially for people who are busy working in front of their laptops or notebooks. Then how do I remove the red cross on laptop battery in Windows 7, 8 and 10?

Be patient because before I explain the solution, there are a few key points that you need to know about this problem. What are these?

With the appearance of a red cross accompanied by a warning consider replacing the battery indicated that the laptop battery is degrading. This function was deliberately created with the aim of signaling to the user that the performance of the battery installed in the laptop is no longer optimal.

This allows users to be vigilant and prepare money to buy a new laptop battery. And you need to know that sooner or later you will have to replace the laptop battery when you get this notification.

I currently have no money, is there a solution to overcome the red cross on the laptop battery?

In fact, until now there has been no single effective way to solve this problem other than purchasing a new laptop battery. Even though there are 1000 kinds of ways that are spread on the internet, I am sure that the tutorial will be easy outsmart and not overcome.

But isn’t this post aiming to provide solutions and tutorials to remove the red cross on laptop battery?

Yeah right! But back to the main point, you should save up immediately to replace the laptop battery. I am conveying this message personally so that readers do not feel cheated here.

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For those of you who already get it but are still constrained by the cost of buying a new laptop battery, the following tutorial may help a little.

How to remove the red cross from laptop and notebook batteries

Here I am going to offer 2 ways that have been tried and tested for some users to overcome the red cross on laptop battery. Here are 2 simple tutorials that I wrote.

1.Using a calibration technique (recommended)

Personally, I advise readers to try this calibration technique first. Taking the personal experience of the author who tested this method, it turns out that the calibration technique can actually remove the red cross on the laptop battery.

In addition to removing the cross, you can also use this calibration technique to measure battery power.

And here are the steps with the calibration technique.

  • First, try turning off your laptop. Charge your laptop to 100% when it is switched off.
  • Try to turn on your laptop while it is still charged in order to Safety mode. It’s very simple, when the laptop tries to turn on (boot) you can press the button F8 repeatedly and select Safe Mode.
  • When the laptop has successfully turned on with the glass screen display in Safe Mode, you can remove the charger that was being used.
  • Definitely try not to use the laptop. Leave the laptop silent until the battery runs out and the laptop turns off.

In these moments, try to calculate how much battery power can still be used if more than 2 hours means that the battery can still be used.

  • Recharge the laptop and turn it on as normal. If you are lucky, the red cross on the laptop battery will disappear.

How to remove the red cross on a laptop battery in Windows 7

2. Try installing Service Pack 1

Service pack 1 is a free update service from Microsoft for Windows 7 users. The function of Service Pack 1 is to add, repair or update all functions in Windows 7.

With this service we solve the problem consider replacing the battery on laptops. How can you then remove the red cross on the laptop battery with Service Pack 1?

Please follow the tutorial below:

  • First of all, make sure you already have this Service Pack 1 application. If not, please download from the link below
  • Download links: Windows 7 32-bit | Windows 7 64-bit
  • When you are done, please install the application.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete and restart your laptop.
  • In the final step, please click the battery logo on your laptop screen and enable the option warm me up if the battery may need to be replaced.

Select Warm me if the battery may need to be replaced

The last word

Thank you for reading the article on how to remove the red cross on a laptop battery in Windows 7. Hopefully it will be useful and don’t forget to leave a comment if information is not clear.

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