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2+ How to automatically edit photo background online on HP and laptops – Changing the background of an image is easy. How to automatically edit the photo background online. This tutorial can be used on a laptop computer or through an Android phone.

In this demanding era, you don’t need to know Photoshop or CorelDRAW to manipulate different photos. There are already many instant edit services available online.

A frequently required service is the processing of photos or picture backgrounds. This service is widely used to remove or even replace existing photo backgrounds with just internet quota capital.

Usually this service is needed for people who want to take red and blue photos. But of course, if you want to edit photo backgrounds for fun, that’s not a problem.

How to change photo background online

Here I offer two tutorials for you to choose from. Either way is equally easy as the background automatically disappears and you can edit the correct background for the photo.

Edit photo background with

1. First visit the service “”.
2. Then click Select photo to find the photo you want to edit.

Click Choose Photo

3. Select the photo that is on your laptop or smartphone.

Select photo

After that, wait for the background removal process to complete.

Wait until the background is gone

5. After the background disappears, you can click To edit to change the background.

Click on Edit

6. Click on Option colour and select the background color you want. When you’re done, click Download to save it on your device.

Choose the background color, then choose Download

I highly recommend this method as the background removal time is very quick, less than 5 seconds. In addition, you do not need to have an account with this service to use all of the available functions.

Edit with background burner

1. First, visit the Background Burner site.
2. Click on Select a photo to find the photo you want to edit.
3. After uploading, wait for background removal to complete.
4. Click on Retouch then click finish.

Click on Touch Up

5. Still not done, you need to change the photo background by clicking Replace background like the picture below.

Replace background

6. Then select the photo background you want. You can also upload whatever background you want.

Edit photo background online

7. When you are finished, you can download the photo.

So the article on how to easily edit photo backgrounds online. Hopefully this article will be useful to all readers. Don’t forget to share it on your social media.

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