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2+ easy ways to share location on WhatsApp – Would you like to share your current location with loved ones? How to easily share your location on WhatsApp in just 2 steps!

Thanks to the GPS technology that exists today, we can easily share and find locations using our Android phones. Not only do we look for locations, we can also share the location of our homes or locations in real time.

Fortunately, you can already use the location sharing feature in the WhatsApp application without any problems. In addition, you can share your location in two options, which is location sharing Youngest and share location At the moment.

  • Share location Youngest means that you share your whereabouts with other users. Even as you move from place to place, other users can see your movements in real time. However, this function only lasts for a maximum of 8 hours and you can stop it at any time.
  • Share location At the moment means you share the exact location where you are. And the point position will never change. This feature is often used to share home addresses or meeting places. This feature can be accessed for a very long time until you delete it.

I understand? If you can tell the difference between the two, we can move on to the next guide.

How to share the location on the latest WhatsApp

Now that you understand the differences between them, it will be easier for you to understand the tutorial on sharing your location on WhatsApp. Here are the steps:

1. Please open the WhatsApp application.
2. Select the contact or group you want to share the location with.
3. Then click the icon attachment and select menu Location.

Select attachment and location
4. Then select the sharing option you want. I assume that you make up your mind Share current location.

Share current location
5. Determine how long the recipient can monitor your activity in real time.

Set the time
6. This is what the location approval looks like. You can stop sharing at any time.

How to share the location on WA

The last word

Thank you for reading the just published article entitled How to Share Location on Whatsapp. Hope this article helps and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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