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10+ ways to overcome mobile legends that often lag behind – Red ping? How to overcome delays when playing Mobile Legends on Telekomsel, Indosat, Axis, XL, 3 or WLAN cards.

With this updated article, we hope that all readers can get over the lag problem while playing mobile legends right away. Because whatever the problem is, we believe there has to be a solution.

For now, we all agree that the delay that is occurring in the Mobile Legends game is quite serious. This not only happens to users of large card providers such as Telekomsel and Indosat, it has also been the case recently for WLAN users.

Since teamwork is important to achieve victory, we always try to find a solution to this problem. And after trying different low-spec devices and different features in the game, we finally found a way to overcome that lag of mobile legends.

And here are several simple ways you need to keep Mobile Legends from lagging or breaking often.

10+ Ways To Overcome Mobile Legends Delay

1. Activate the speed mode function

As a game developer who often receives harsh criticism about lag issues, Moonton finally offers a solution that I think has been very helpful. This speed mode feature will make your ping look more stable to minimize the lag events that you have experienced many times before.

Setting the speed mode in mobile legends is easy by:

  • First, click on the gear or settings logo that is near the network icon.
  • Second, please scroll down your screen in the Basic or Basic menu.
  • Third, on the Network Settings tab, change the Speed ​​Mode setting from Off to On.

For those of you who are still confused about the configuration, please watch the video below:

Was the first method helpful enough? If not, let’s move on to the next method!

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2. Make sure the RAM and GPU capacities are qualified

One important thing that you cannot negotiate with when playing Mobile Legends is the smartphone specs which are less qualified.

As a game that is constantly evolving and undergoing massive updates, Mobile Legends naturally requires sufficient memory specifications and a powerful graphics card. If not, it’s not surprising if Mobile Legends feels laggy or even broken while playing.

The minimum requirements you need to meet are as follows:

  • At least quad-core processor
  • Snapdragon 636 chipset (recommended)
  • At least 2 GB of RAM
  • Adreno 505. Minimum GPU

If your smartphone meets the above requirements and you worked with it the first way, then it is almost impossible to have a lag in mobile legends.

note : Then what about the fate of smartphone users with 512MB of RAM – We think there is no choice but to replace your smartphone with a device whose specifications match the above. I took this information from the Mobile Legends forum, which you might want to read.

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3. Make sure you have a stable internet connection

How to overcome the Mobile Legends lag

Like other online games, Mobile Legends requires a fast and stable connection. So don’t be surprised if you want to compete in the arena of battle, there is a maximum ping notification of 200ms. In addition, gambling is not recommended.

To check whether a connection is good or bad, you can display the number of pings on your smartphone. If it is less than 200ms, it means your connection is stable and suitable for gaming. However, if it is over 200 ms, it is better to contact network sources or look for a somewhat open environment.

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4. Play during productive hours or midnight

How to overcome the Mobile Legends lag

Full server problems are common with online-based games. Especially for new games that are on the rise. The increase in the number of users can certainly affect the quality of your game.

To overcome the next lag in mobile legends, you can choose the right time to play. Productivity hours and midnight are the best options for gaming. When people are busy working, studying, or sleeping, you can play games without fear of full server restrictions.

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How to overcome the Mobile Legends lag

For those of you who have not been able to reach the 4G network or the WiFi is not yet stable, I recommend that you change the initial settings.

Mobile Legends itself offers players 3 choices of graphics quality, namely Low, Mid and High. For those of you who have a less stable connection, please change the graphics settings to Low. And for those of you who have a stable and fast connection, High Graphics is sure to add to your gaming experience.

How can you change it then?

  • First, click on your account, which is located in the top left corner.
  • On the menu Basic information (Basic information), please click Options (Arrangement)
  • Change the check mark in the graphics menu from center to Low

Just right?

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6. Stop all other apps

How to Overcome the Mobile Legends lag

Even if your smartphone supports multitasking and has 1 GB of RAM, you should stop all running application processes. Not without reason, if several heavy applications are running, this will of course put a strain on your smartphone.

Stopping the application can be the right choice and can be seen as the solution to the lag problem when playing mobile legends.

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7. Put the battery in performance mode

From my experience with multiple smartphones, Asus is one of the smartphones that offers the most comprehensive options in terms of battery.

Now we can use this feature while playing Mobile Legends games. Performance mode is the right choice to avoid delays with mobile legends. Yes, while the battery is more wasteful, it can at least reduce the lag while gaming.

8. Not on the charger

How to overcome the Mobile Legends lag

The final way to overcome the lag of mobile legends is to avoid bad habits of playing games while smartphones are charging. In addition to overcoming game lag, these tips can also help prevent premature damage to your smartphone battery.

When you charge a smartphone, the system usually immediately activates the power saving mode, which can reduce the performance of the smartphone itself. This now causes delays when playing mobile legends.

Hence, it is better to check the battery level before playing Mobile Legends game.

And that’s a multitude of ways to overcome the lag of mobile legends. Hopefully, updating this article can address the lag issue you are facing.

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