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Xborg & Gloo Mobile Legends get enough buffs!

Finally 2 heroes Mobile legends that gets a pretty big buff from Moonton, they’re Gloo and Xborg.

Both received buffs after not being used recently, particularly Xborg which has not been used for almost 2 seasons.

Hence, the buff that Xborg and Gloo will receive is eagerly awaited.

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But remember that their buff is only available on the extended server Mobile legends and it still takes a long time to apply to the original server. So what buffs are they getting?

Xborg buff

The buff Xborg gets makes his Firaga armor very thick. The HP allowance increases so that it becomes 109 before 89 per level.

The ratio of HP to Fiaga armor is 2:11 instead of 4: 8. The point is that if you buy an item that adds 100 HP, 20 HP is from Xborg and 80 is from Fiaga armor.


Gloo’s own buff will have its cooldown shortened and damage reduction increased.

For prospective buyers just click on the picture above!

The damage done by passives after Gloo attacks with his abilities increases to 10% and can be stacked up to 5 times, before the damage generated was only 8%.

Lau’s cooldown from Skill 3 Gloo is also reduced from 55-45 to 50-40 seconds, and if Gloo can kill his opponent with Skill 3, the cooldown is reduced by 6 seconds immediately.

That’s a pretty big buff that Gloo and Xborg will get in the upcoming Mobile Legends update.

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