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Xavier Semarang wins the first Delta Cup: Mobile Legends Bang Bang

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – After three days of intense competition (May 13-15), Xavier Semarang, a promising community esports team, beat the DG Esports team to become the champion of the first Delta Cup tournament: Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Delta Cup is an initiative of the Battle of Warriors League (BoWL), which aims to offer a platform and prepare eSport talents in the community.

The final day of the competition began with Xavier Semarang and DG Esports confidently beating their respective opponents, Team Ceria 7 and Team Unexpected, to get them to the semi-finals.

While Xavier Semarang easily beat The Pillars Quinx 2-0, DG Esports had to play 3 games against the stubborn 7Heaven team, but in the end DG Esports beat 7Heaven 2-1.

In the last round, Xavier Semarang won the first match before DG Esports returned the favor in the second half to equalize 1-1.

Despite a very tough and brave fight, DG Esports couldn’t overcome the excellent teamwork and strategy of Xavier Semarang’s team when they defeated DG Esports very well in the final round.

Xavier Semarang was ultimately crowned the first Delta Cup: Mobile Legends Bang Bang champion. With the generous support of the sponsors Red Bull, Indomaret, Indofood and Pop Mie, Xavier Semarang will not only win a cash prize of 7,000,000 IDR, but also an Indomaret e-voucher for 2,000,000 IDR and 20 boxes of Pop Mie. , AQUABILL from The Pillars Quinx has been named MVP of the tournament.

This Sagittarius player brought his team to the semi-finals with skilled skills, a good selection of heroes and build items.

Khufra and X Borg were the heroes who received the most votes during the tournament, while the heroes who received the most bans were Claude and Natalia.

Inspired by the great response to its first competition, BoWL will be back with even more exciting tournaments in the coming months.

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