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Will Mobile Legends team up with Anime Saint Seiya after Star Wars and Transformers?

GAMEFINITY ID, CIREBON – As we know, Moonton worked with Star Wars and Transformers as the developer of Mobile Legends. For Star Wars itself, Mobile Legends has officially announced the exact date of the collaboration, namely 10th of July Future. This Star Wars collaboration will present skins for Argus and Cyclops heroes. As for the Transformer Edition skin, you get X-Borg, Jhonshon, and Granger heroes.

Saint Seiya collaboration after Transformers collaboration?

Recently, Moonton sent out a poll that said it would partner with Saint Seiya. The news was informed via the in-game feature of Mobile Legend.

Send mobile legends in-game

In this poll sent by Moonton, Mobile Legends players are asked to complete a poll about which Saint Seiya characters will be selected to become skins in Mobile Legends. The poll will display 18 Saint Seiya characters for you to vote on, and later 5 characters will be selected which will be selected and presented as a collaboration skin with Saint Seiya in the Mobile Legends game.

However, for Saint Seiya fans, of course, they already know which character to choose. Most likely, the five characters that will become the skin for this collaboration are Pegasus Seiya, Cygnus, Hyoga, Dragon Shiryu, Phoenix Ikki, and Andromeda Shun.

If this collaboration is really happening, it is very likely that this collaboration with Saint Seiya will be released in Mobile Legends after the collaboration skin with Transformers is released. The Transformers skin itself will be released on August 24, 2021 Come later.

So you are interested in this collaboration? So what is your favorite Saint Seiya skin that will be featured in Mobile Legends?

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