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Why Mobile Legends can't participate today (March 24, 2021)

Why can’t Mobile Legends today (March 24, 2021) participate from yesterday? I want to push, but I can’t.

Most gamers must feel that their Mobile Legends application has an unclear bug as it happened today (March 24th 2021) even though it has been happening since yesterday.

They complained about the sudden forced closure when entering, got stuck in the event area and could not even enter.

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Causes of MLBB Errors?

The cause itself is not yet known for sure, as Mobile Legends has not yet announced anything itself.

How to fix it?

Through several messages that he said he got it from Moonton and has spread widely among gamers. to write.

“Dear Player, Land of Dawn” Sorry for the inconveniences.

If you experience crashes, delays, or sudden quits while loading the game, please follow these tips:

  1. Go to Settings »Additional Settings» Application Management »Search for“ Mobile Legends ”» Then tap on “Clear Cache”.
  2. Open the settings menu in the MLBB application, detect the network cache clearing and tap on Clear
  3. Updates to the MLBB application
  4. Make sure your internet connection is good. If so, please activate airplane mode and deactivate it after a few seconds to update the network
  5. Leave better internal storage above 3GB for the latest updates
  6. The RAM memory is also recommended to be over 2 GB or more if possible for smooth gaming

However The most effective way to work around this is to reinstall your Mobile Legends application.

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In a discussion, the members of the ML SPIN Esports mabar group said that how you reinstall the Mobile Legends application is the most appropriate.

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