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Welcome Valentine, get ready to play Boocin Free Fire Missions

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – February is probably the month of love. This is because that month is Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14th every year. Don’t miss out on celebrating Valentine’s Day, Free Fire is hosting an interesting event called “Boocin” or Booyah Cinta.

The survivors who take part in this event can receive various prizes. The climax of the Boocin mission will take place from 14-15. February. Curious about the missions and prizes you can get in the Boocin Free Fire event? The following summary is cited from

Aftermatch Drop (Period: February 5th – 16th)

Love flow tokens and love gift tokens can be given to Booyah friends for free after completing the card and will be obtained at random.

Valentine’s Exchange (Period: February 5th – 18th)

  • 30x Love Flow Token + 5x Love Gift Token = Missy Sweetheart Bundle
  • 2x love gift tokens = 1x weapon royale voucher (limit 5)
  • 7x love flow tokens = 1x Valentine’s weapon loot box
  • 2x love flow tokens = 1x summon air drop (limit 99)

Peak Day Mission (Period: February 14-16)

  • Login = 5x Diamond Royale voucher
  • Play 5 times = 2x love gift tokens
  • Play 10 times = 3x love gift tokens
  • Played 15 times: Pet Skin – Mr Waggor in Love + 1 Golden Vow (Dynamic Duo Secret Letter)

Valentine’s login (period: February 8th – 19th)

  • Register 1 day = 1x pet food
  • Log in for 2 days = 1x Gold Royale voucher
  • Log in for 3 days = 50x universal fragments
  • Login 4 days = 2x Ottero Box
  • 5 days login = 2x Beauty and the Beast loot box
  • Login 6 days = 3x Steffie Box
  • 7 days login = Cobra Loot Box

Play with partners (period: February 11th – 19th)

  • Play 3 games with friends = 3x Valentine Headset Box
  • Play 6 games with friends = 3x Valentine Headset Box
  • Play 9 games with friends = 3x Valentine Headset Box

Damage mission (period: February 11th – 19th)

Collect 2000 damage = 1x Gold Royale voucher

Collect 5000 damage = 3x Shoba Box

Collect 10000 Damage = Pet Emote – Beaston Show Off

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