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Valentina New Hero Mobile Legends that ultimate opponents can mimic

GAME FINITY. ID, CIREBON – Recently, after the leak of a new hero Mobile Legends: Bang Bang This is Floryn which is widely used on the internet. Now the 110th new hero is named Valentine Who has a very unique skill, because he can steal or imitate the ultimate skill and also the form of the opponent, curious What kind of hero is that?

Valentina’s unique Mobile Legends ability

Quote from youtube channel Vygaming full explanation of hero skills Valentine unfortunately it still hasn’t appeared as this hero is still in the development phase. However, an interesting topic in this new hero is his ultimate ability where Valentina can mimic all of the hero’s ultimate abilities Mobile legends.

Valentina is a hero mage who, of course, depends on skills that do not come from simple attacks Moon tone.

When will this new hero be released?

For if hero Valentine This release in Mobile Legends does not yet know when the date is as there are still some heroes in the game Extended server which was not published on the original server like Aamon and Floryn. So let’s just wait and see. However, if Moonton changes his mind, it is possible that Valentina will be released quickly.

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