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Update Patch 1.2.24 Mobile Legend, what's new?

I. New heroes and hero changes

1. [Time Keeper]-[Diggie] 599 diamonds, 32,000 BP, 30% off the first week
Description: This hero will only be available for Advanced Server, he will only appear in Advanced Server Announcements (this text will not appear in Announcements) Hero Traits: A support that uses magical time to help teammates

Skill 1: [bom waktu]- throws the alarm clock in the target direction after a certain time, causes magical damage in the area that explodes and stuns, damage scale with tick time (press again while ticking to detonate the bomb immediately, if the bomb detonates early, it will only slower, not amazing)

Skill 2: [Reverse waktu]- Locks the target, dealing magical damage and slowing down, then pulling the target back to the designated location and dealing magical damage. If the opponent gets too far, he is immediately pulled to the set location and damaged.
Highest: [waktu perjalanan]- Allies are immune to crowd control for a period of approx. Nearby allies gain temporary shields while casting.
Passive: [muda lagi]- Time will turn around after death and Diggie will become an egg, movement will be possible and Diggie will get all new chick skills. The egg shape is not aimed, after a while Diggie is revived.
Egg mode skill:

    This hero will only be available for Advanced Server Update Patch 1.2.24.  Mobile Legend, what's new?
Image source:

Skill 1: [penghinaan]–Displays the humiliation of the enemy and causes a little damage around the enemy while venting anger.

Skill 2: [telur tari] – happily dances his hometown jig, doing a little damage to enemies and forcing them to stay and watch.

Skill 3: [kemenangan doa]- Earth scroll prays that the enemy will explode soon, legend has it that this type of action has a success rate of 0%.

2. [steel Elf]-[Lolita] redesigned heroes, all new models! Brand new style of play!
Description: The hero will be published on all servers, please make this appear on all announcement servers (this text will not appear in announcements)
Characteristics of Hero’s Armor: One that can block projectiles for teammates.

Skill 1: [biaya]- Storms a short distance in the target direction, the normal attack has an increased physical attack and an increased range for the next 4 seconds. Press again within the next 4 seconds to charge enemy targets and stun them for 0.5 seconds based on the completion of the stun effect, they will suffer slow decay.

Skill 2: [benteng Guardian]- Wraps a shield to repel all oncoming base ranged attacks and projectiles. After the shield ends, tap the skill again to start an energy explosion. When the energy explosion hits the target, it is caused Points [C3physical kerusakan] Target and surrounding targets. (Different projectiles and simple shield block attack, more explosion damage will do)

Highest: [Noumenon ledakan]- After charging, inflicts physical damage in a fan-shaped pattern in the direction of the target for 2 seconds, the damage is based on the energy charge s (press again while charging to fire immediately). While charging, enemies attacking the base will have their movement speed reduced by 75%.

Passive: [Noumenon energi inti]- Outside of combat, Noumenon’s nuclear energy slowly recharges, giving Lolita and her allies a shield when the maximum charge is reached. For the period after the core has reached maximum filling, Lolita’s close companion team can receive a shield.

II. Weekly free hero and new skin

1.8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2017/10/20 05:00:00 to 2017/10/27 05:01:00 (Tap the Settings button in the top right corner of the screen to check)

Alice; Akai; Karina; Minotaur; Kagura; Ruby; Moscow; Lapu-Lapu
Starlight Add-on Member 6: Clint; Hayabusa; Wukong; Gatotkaca; Baikuni; Irithelium
8 Free Heroes: Server Time 10/27/2017 5:00:00 AM to 11/3/2017 5:01:00 AM (tap the Settings button in the top right corner of the screen to check)

Nana; Franco; Clint; Lolita; Chou; Yi Sun-Shin; Johnson; Vexana
Starlight Additional Members 6: Eudora; Natalia; Alphas; Estes; Rogers; Grock

2. New skins:
[Roger] Skin-[Dr Roger-o-Stein], received from Lucky Spin Event and there is no other channel to buy for 3 months, will be available after the update, please wait patiently
3. change [Lolita], after the hero update, the first week will be 70%

III. Hero customization

We found that some of the hero’s key skills were on the range for too long. For example, Alucard’s first ability [Groundsplitter], already has a short range, but will occasionally aim at a distant target. This lock ounce sometimes causes players to lose their skills. Because of this, we’re reducing the range lock for certain skills in case something goes wrong while escaping or hunting.
Second batch of individual heroes: Natalia, Kagura, Chou, Sun, Alpha, Lapu Lapu, Roger, Baikuni, Gatotkaca, Harley

Cable Steel: Tornado Strike proc energy cost has been adjusted to be the same as the original Tornado Strike cost
Throat Cutting Cost: Energy increased by 10 points
Air Superiority: Fanny only regenerates energy when she uses a champion spell with a token, the attack base no longer regenerates energy

Help: The criteria for the additional mystical damage trigger have been changed from “attack the target in a short time equal to the skill 4 times” to “in a short time the target equal to the skill 5 times”.

[Yi Sun-Shin]
Flood Blood: Slightly reduced movement speed when charging

Bow weight in progress: The base attack damage added is adjusted from 5% / 15% / 25% to 10% / 20% / 30%.

Swan Song: The effective range has been reduced, it will now be a more suitable indicator

Eternal Evil: When activated, there is now a countdown effect

[Lancelot] Description Dornrose optimized. Optimized feel of the attack base

NS. Battlefield equipment and battlefield magic

1. Slightly rising cannon and super cannon magic resistance
2. Slightly exalted Holy God (appears after God is killed) physical and magical resistance
3. Slightly increased Lord Enhanced units: Improved infantry and super infantry magic resistance
Battlefield equipment:
1. [oracle]: Unique passive – scream changes from “Within 4 seconds after the attack, the hero regenerates 4% HP. This effect has an 8s cooldown “for” in 4s after the hero has been attacked, the hero regenerates 8% HP. This effect has a 6 second cooldown.
2. [Hunter pisau]: Price increased by 30, at the same time the price for level 2 forest items adjusted so that the total price is consistent
3rd [pedang hebat]: Change icon and change name to [belati]
4th [dominasi es]: changed the icon and changed the name to [Kudus Aegis]
5. [setan pemburu pedang]: Total price reduced by 140, unique passive – devour “each basic attack grants 3% life theft up to 4 times” changed to “each attack base grants 3 times 4% life theft”
6th [Haas’s cakar] Combine price cuts by 100
7th [berserker’s Fury] Combine price around 200. lowered
Magic fight:
1. [regen]: Fan symbol added, spell description optimized
2. [retribusi]: Post with 3 second buffs to fight forest monsters

V. New events and functions

1. Newly added event – – Halloween “Trick or Treat”. Who will be the cheater and get the limited edition Avatar Frontier, “Trick Master”? and who will be generous, who will be kind to all of his friends? Who is the one who sees through all the tricks and cheeky changes on the pumpkin? You’ll find answers to the show’s questions!
Event time: 10/30/2017 – 2017/11/6 available for all servers, event rules:
You can collect 5 real candies every day, these candies cannot be opened from the backpack, they can only be used in interaction with friends during the event;
You can “knock” on 20 friends a day, each friend’s door is only allowed to “knock” twice a day.
When a friend has knocked on your door through the chat interface, you can choose to use your authentic candy to “host” your friend or use your fake candy.
When you receive a candy from a friend, you have to open it in the chat interface and try whether it is real or fake;
If you guessed correctly that your friend’s candy is real, you will receive either a Magic Wheel S Potion, Lucky Ticket, Magic Dust, or Hero Fragment;
If you mistake a real friend of candy for a fake, you lose the candy and you will not receive a prize
If you receive a fake friend drop and suspect that it is real, you will be “liked” by your friend and his player cheated. The total increases by +1. If someone has tricked up to 10 people, he will receive a permanently limited edition Avatar Limit – Limit Avatar “Halloween Trick Master”.
If you get a fake friend drop and the taste is fake, you will see through your friend’s trick and your friend will become a “pumpkin” “- – the trick friend who looked through will be a pumpkin head by time server 5: 00:00;
Halloween is a time of magic, every day at 5:00:00 server time a witch will come and cast an amnesia spell on everyone to make them forget about all the candy and knocking on the door (the total number of stats defrauded will not be affected). Every day during the event on the server at 5:00:00, but the sweets must be used and not knocked on the door at the end and the sweets not picked up. Please stop your interaction with friends before this time!

2. Voting team functions
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Esports are all the rage, so we’ve released a new Squad Voting System (accessed from the Esports tab). From here you can access the information of the participating squad members and then select the team you want to support. the prime voting of this event will start during the MPC, please check it out!

3. “Halloween Theme” will be released at the end of October, you can have a more relaxed gaming experience, you can try all kinds of candy, which with great talent also get the blessing of the pumpkin king!
Criteria entry: Level≥9, and all necessary files are downloaded
Input method: Select from the game mode carousel after it is released

VI. Adjustment system

1. Before players can charge level 5 and charge the first gift, they can now collect it via the main interface

VII. Troubleshooting

1. Fixed problem reading email announcements that were deleted within 7 days, they will not be deleted in another 30 days. Source

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