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Until mythical! This is a quick way to rank up in Mobile Legends

OKEGUYS – Hi folks, ranking up to reach Mythic could be a tough thing for players who don’t really understand.

There are also encounters with other players who have selfishness in the game, causing the game to lose.

It’s very annoying isn’t it?

So how do you keep this from happening?

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In general, this level is very easy to get guys. OKEGUYS here is going to tell you how to quickly improve Mythic Rank in Mobile Legends.

You don’t need to have very good skills, just do the things OKEGUYS gives you below:

1. Use the most powerful hero

The first way, if you really can’t use a lot of heroes, you don’t have to force yourself to use a hero who is more willing to use.

However, if you have experience that’s fine, but just in case you make a mistake, it will beat your team.

2. Don’t be selfish

When you meet a selfish team it is a good idea to give in and support them, there is no need to fight their selfishness.

This is a win and a quick way to rank up to Mythic.

3. Avoid playing alone

The third tip you need to do is avoid playing alone to prevent gangk enemies and to survive looking for levels.

Oh yeah, don’t forget not to play Solo Ranked mode too often as there are still a lot of players who are selfish and don’t want to give up, this can make it difficult to rank up.

4. Stop when you’ve lost

You also need to know if you have had consecutive defeats. OKEGUYS suggests stopping playing first.

Because in the experience of OKEGUYS this will continue and it will be more and more difficult for you to achieve the Mythic rank.

If we have lost break and the game is still on, it will destroy our focus and mute it, so we play with emotion and impatience.

5. Collect gold

Whatever role you play, collecting gold or cash is important in the early game. This is the main reason you shouldn’t die as it will prevent you from making money.

Especially for some roles that really need buffs, like assassin and fighter, try to get as many as you can before starting the fight.

If the team’s gold is already at the top, don’t hesitate to start a team fight as your team’s items are already superior while the opposing team’s level is still low and easy to die.

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Well, that’s the quick way to rank up to Mythic in Mobile Legends. Good luck and hopefully this article can be useful to you.

Don’t forget to write your thoughts in the comments column.

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