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Understanding item functionality in Build Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a Moba arena game that prioritizes teamwork in their game to achieve victory, but it’s not just a question of cooperation, each player needs to be able to monitor the situation well in order to attack the enemy or team up Protecting, and no less important, is the skills of each player and gamer and building the compliance of the heroes they are playing with.
Regarding items or gear in the builds / equipments in Mobile Legends, I’ll briefly explain the purpose and usability of each gear or item in your hero build.

1. Understand the basic terms of each article

Each item will definitely have its own advantages, be it offense or defense, so you need to understand the terms used in each item.

  • Attack speed serves to increase the speed of the hero when executing attacks, the higher the value, the faster the hero can execute basic attacks.
  • Usually basic attacks are used for tank, sniper and hunter heroes
  • Critical damage is the additional damage received when attacked
  • Critical chance namely, the opportunity or opportunity to receive a critical damage attack
  • Reduction of critical opportunities serves to reduce the likelihood of a critical damage attack
  • Cooldown Reduction useful for shortening the cooldown or reusing hero skills. The higher the value, the faster we can reuse the ability
  • mobile this is the value used to determine the hero’s amount of blood. The higher the value, the more blood the hero has
  • HP regeneration its function is to regenerate the hero’s blood or HP
  • Mana or energy Can only be used to use skills on the hero. When the mana is used up, you cannot use your skills again unless you regenerate them back in your base
  • Where is rain like HP regeneration, but only to regenerate which heroes
  • Speed ​​of movement Used to increase the hero’s movement speed, either to pursue enemy pursuit or to escape

Build Physical is an item used for physical attack types such as heroes with a fighter, tank, or rifle role

  • Physical attack is the value used to increase the hero’s damage to attack the opponent’s hero
  • Physical pen Use it to reduce the enemy’s physical defenses
  • Physical robbery of life useful for regenerating blood lost through simple attacks. The higher the value, the faster your hero’s HP will be regenerated when attacking
  • Spell vampire This function is almost similar to the robbery of life, but the spell vampire can only regenerate your hero’s HP if your skill or your ulti hits your opponent, be it minions or enemy heroes

Magical construction
Magical builds are different from physical items, items are reserved for heroes with mage and support roles, but there are also tank and combat heroes who can use this build, such as Esmeralda and Guinevere

  • Magical power the value used to inflict damage to magical attacks
  • Magic pen useful to reduce the enemy’s magical defense
  • Magical robbery of life like physical lifesteal, but can only be used on heroes with basic magical attacks

Build defense
Build Defense is typically used by fighter hero roles and specifically for tanks that act as shields and lead the front row, but this build can be used by other hero roles as well so that they are immune and don’t die easily if hit by one become attack.

  • Physical defense serves to reduce the damage suffered to our heroes by physical attacks, the higher the value, the greater the immunity of our heroes
  • Magic defense the same as physical defense, but this build is used to reduce damage in the form of magical / power attacks

Build the jungle
Build Jungle is a very important build for heroes who want to get strong at a high level quickly in the early game, usually used by marksman, fighter type heroes and especially assassin heroes like Natalia and Alucard

2. Understand the unique attribute and passive effects of your item

Many Mobile Legends players often ignore the unique Attribute and Passive Effects feature, although each build item you purchase has its own set of benefits.

Item Malicious Roar
Item Malicious Roar

Just an example Malicious roar that gives you extra +60 Physical attack
attribute : 40% physical pen, which means that it can reduce the enemy hero’s physical defense by 40%
Uniquely passive : The automatic attack ignores 20% of the tower defense, so the defense of the tower you are attacking with this item is reduced by 20%.

3. Customize your hero’s equipment to suit your skills

Hot Items Equipment Martis
Hot Items Equipment Martis

Usually a lot of players use builds from Top Player or ones that are popular, even if not everyone plays the same way when playing, so my advice is that you need to try build recommendations from Top Player, but if it doesn’t suit you, then you can design your build to suit your skills so don’t hesitate to try it out

So if you understand the function and uses of each item that you use in your build, you can easily choose the right item for your hero so that you can make your hero stronger than the opponent’s hero.

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