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Tricks How To Play Mobile Legends Games To Always Win And Be The Best

Hi Buddy ArmadaAndro01, This time we’re going to discuss Moba’s flagship game, Mobile Legends, on the Playstore.

This online game is very interesting as it features favorite heroes who have their respective advantages and also players need to work well with their online player team to defeat the opposing team. According to the Google team, this game has been installed by around 50 million users. Wow, of course this game has its own charm.

Well, in this post, I’m going to share tips and tricks to be the best in Mobile Legends Game. Of course, there are some skills that you need to know and realize in order for you to easily win the game in this mobile legend game.

But in order to be able to play online games, the main requirement must of course first be supported by a stable internet connection and not delayed. At the very least, your internet connection has a PING below 100 to play online games so it runs smoothly and doesn’t drop out. You certainly don’t want to experience any delays or disconnections in the middle of the game.

The best internet connection network is now wifi, if you already have it, online games will of course run smoothly. If you do not have an Internet provider, choose an Internet provider that is sure to have a good connection, at least the Internet connection does not interfere with the smooth running of your gaming activities.

Before starting the game, the first thing you should do is see the network latency. The latency is indicated by a green sign in the right corner of the monitor, when you click it it will show the latency number. You should always check your latency, if the PING number is over 100ms, do not force yourself to gamble as it could disappoint you in the middle of the game later on.

Here are tricks and tips to be the best in the Mobile Legends Game:

Learn map or track and formation

Map or lane is very important in teamwork and you need to play well in action, make sure the lane suits your class, and the right formation is very influential to win the game. In the formation, you need good cooperation and mutual understanding to play a game. Team.

The best formations that are commonly used are:

Archer / archer position : Solo or alone in the middle or middle

The reason: He is both an attacker type and a tower or tower protector with long-range shots, who can be both protector and attacker at the same time.

Magician position : Mage is supported by attackers / fighters or tanks. It has damage and effects strong enough to attack or thwart enemy attacks, so it has to be good at positioning. Do not follow any archer / archer.

Position of a fighter / assassin : This one class is the key to killing and is killed many times. For some fighters or assassins they need to be good at positioning, usually up and down, and don’t forget to take jungle and enemy jungle if you can to slow down enemy leveling.

Tank position : Tank is the team’s first and last defense, if the tank is killed it’s over. So tankers have to be smart to manage attacks. If you want to attack, don’t just attack; wait for someone else to be in your back position. If you’ve attacked, don’t give in.

Study the class that suits you best

In Moba, of course, hero skills and skills to play are needed, skills in heroes are very important, so first learn the class that suits you, for example if you like the fighter class, learn 2-3 heroes so that when you have chosen, you can You use another one, but master at least 2-3 classes. because sometimes in a team, once the desired class has been selected, you can choose another class.

Use technique and don’t be afraid to die

Remember, dude, this is just a game so don’t worry too much that you will be scared of dying facing your opponent turned into an ATM (repeatedly dead by the enemy). The most important thing is to use skills in the game, always keeping your distance, knowing the position and movement of the enemy, and most importantly, memorizing the skills of the enemy heroes when they are in line with our distance.

Don’t be a feeder

The meaning of feeder is to feed the enemy, not be a feeder, survive the best you can, and play smart and survive so as not to die. in order for the enemy not to grow, something like this really needs to be applied when playing. Remember not to be a feeder and find excuses for poor connection or delay. If the connection is indeed not possible to play, then you do not have to play.

Use the equipment that suits the hero

Building equipment is very influential in combat, with different types of effects and the strength of each hero. Equipment building is required for us to win instantly when fighting enemies.

Determine the emblem that matches the hero class

Emblems are runes that you attach to heroes to help you in battle. Emblems may seem trivial, but any gradual increase in your hero status will also help a lot.

Make sure you are using the correct emblem for your hero, there are several emblems for every type of hero. But you should research on the right emblem for your style of play. For example, if the hero you are using is a fighter, you can use the jungle emblem set, although the fighter emblem set is recommended as you are also playing as a jungler.

You can’t go wrong with your choice of emblems because for example snipers you have to use Psycal or Magic as it relies on damage and mana, but for fighters and tanks you can use assassin’s emblems or tanks as they rely on attack . Speed ​​and defense.

Do a hero rotation

Once you’ve mastered a hero, you need to learn another hero. By using many heroes, you can find other, stronger alternate heroes.

Mastering many heroes means you won’t be bothered when faced with a pick or ban in a draft or tournament mode. So if you control more than three heroes, the advantage is on your side.

By using a hero other than your favorite hero, you can also know and see the pros and cons of each hero. Of course, you can also memorize the movements and style of play of each hero your opponent uses.

So, these are a few tricks and tips or how to play the Mobile Legend Game so that you are always a winner playing this game. That’s all for tips this time. If there is a need to add skills, feel free to write in the comments below this article to share other players’ knowledge. So first, and hopefully, this article comes in handy. Thank you for visiting here and good luck.


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