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Too OP, Chrono Free Fire now affected by Nerf at the request of the player

In December 2021, Free Fire partnered with a soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, to make him Free Fire’s global ambassador.

For this collaboration, an FF character named Chrono was created. Right now, Chrono is one of the most talked about characters by Free Fire players. Chrono was designed to deal with aggressive enemies, but it turned out to be too strong.

Chrono has an ability called ‘Time Turner’ which is designed to reduce the damage from the opponent’s attack and can last for a longer fight.

Since this Chrono character’s ability is overpowering (OP), Free Fire players are asking about this Chrono character on Nerf.

What many players have been waiting for has been granted, now Chrono is finally dinerfed.

The Chrono character is now officially dinerfed and Free Fire players can enjoy it on the Free Fire Advance server as early as April 2021.

New characters, changes to weapon stats, and more will be introduced to the server.

What has changed?

There is no skill change in Chrono’s character where Chrono still has a shield at maximum level that can withstand 600 damage. What changes with the Chrono character is just the cooldown and the addition of speed.

Before dinner, this Chrono character has a 40 second cooldown and an additional 30% movement speed, and his teammates gain an additional 15% speed when in the Chrono Shield.

After dinner, Chrono’s character is programmed to have a cooldown of 170 seconds on the maximum level and 200 seconds on the first level. Then the movement speed is only 5% for 3 seconds.

With this nerf, Chrono will now be difficult to become a meta again. What a huge reduction for that Chrono character from Free Fire.

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