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Too good, CSGO legend has been banned from Valorant

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – The name Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is known in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gamer community. The Legend of Natus Vincere is known for his AWP skills and excellent playability in Valve’s shooter game.

The 23-year-old recently started playing Valorant, a game that is now a competitor to CSGO. In no time s1mple reached the Immortal rank, the second highest rank in the game.

However, he was surprised when he suddenly found out that his account had been blocked by Valorant. He tweeted that.

“I didn’t explicitly show my nickname, I got an immortal rank, I woke up and saw that (my account) was locked in the LUL ranked game.”

He also posted a follow-up tweet confirming that he is not a scam. a follow-up devoted to helping Riot claiming that he is not a scam.

Valorant esports strategist Riley Yurk saw simple frustration on social media and helped him out. Shortly afterwards, s1mple was no longer banned and was able to play Riot’s tactical shooter again.

It’s not clear why s1mple was banned from Valorant. He himself claimed he was “too good” and many players reported him as a cheater. There are also those who suspect that he was wrongly banned for the allegedly toxic chat.

As reported by, the Ukrainian CSGO player played more than 16,000 hours of CSGO games by February 2021. His flight hours are certainly increasing when you consider that s1mple often streams three to four hours a day.

The return of s1mple while playing Valorant could be a concern for CSGO fans considering how many players have switched from Valve’s game to Valorant. s1mple himself had described Valorant as “too easy” and was frustrated with his weapons.

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