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Tired of Losing? These are 10 tips to help you battle Chrono Free Fire

GAMEFINITY.ID, Tanjung Balai Karimun – Of course, if you’re a Free Fire player you know Chrono, yes, this character was released by Free Fire while working with soccer star Christiano Ronaldo.

This ability of Chrono is also seen as quite annoying to gamers. The “Time Turner” ability to OP has many players asking Free Fire to do Nerf or even delete that character.

Then? What to do when we meet Chrono Gamefinity has provided some tips for you to try out in the fight against Chrono.

Use Vector to break Chrono’s shield

If Chrono is considered the strongest character, Vector is the strongest weapon. You can use the vector with both hands in Akimbo mode. This weapon has a sufficiently high rate of fire and damage that you can destroy Chrono’s shield quickly.

Use a shotgun for close range

There is no denying that the shotgun is the best weapon for close range, because to destroy the Chrono Shield you need 600 damage, of course you need a weapon that has enough damage.

You can use 4 types of shotguns in Free Fire, with a few shots on the target it will destroy Chrono’s hard shield faster.

No Groza, no party

Feeling that your jumpshot ability is out of order? or are you afraid of the close combat against Chrono? or are you not a player who likes hand-to-hand combat?

This weapon has damage and range that are pretty far compared to vectors, so it can make it easier for players who don’t like close-quarters combat.

Use snipers ?, Can too

Not that close combat or middle distance player type? If you’re the type of player who likes to think, you can still fight Chrono. You can use 3 snipers in Free Fire.

Sniper has damage not much different from shotgun. The advantage of using a sniper is that you can shoot without fear of being shot by that chrono.

Alvaro and Granade Launcher Combo Theory

Of course, you already know that with this weapon, commonly known as the launcher, this weapon with great damage can easily destroy Chorono’s shield.

Of course you need Alvaro, this character can increase the damage and range of this launcher weapon. The combo theory is the best.

Fight Chrono with Chrono

In order to defeat the strongest, you have to use yourself. Sounds pretty silly, yes, but that’s one of the most powerful tips, friends. Chronos shield skill is destroyed after 9 seconds.

Well, within 9 seconds Chrono cannot be damaged by you, but Chrono can still harm you, so you will have to look for shelter such as trees, buildings, lightbulbs, or you can use the same skill as well, Chrono is the right choice.

Agility is Koentji

In order to win the duel against Chrono, in addition to using weapons or cover, you must of course also be able to shake off the bullets fired by Chrono.

You can use high agility characters like Kelly and Joseph, bonus moves from Dash skills and nut moves will confuse and confuse Chrono opponents to shoot.

Secure yourself with a vest and helmet

No matter how strong Chronos shield is, it certainly has weaknesses, this shield can only protect players from attacks from outside the shield, but not from within. Well, you can take advantage of that loophole by defending this shield.

Of course, you also need strong self-defense, yes, you need a helmet and a vest that can protect you when stepping on the shield.

Weapon less hard ?, crash!

Are you still losing to Chrono after using most of the surgical weapons? Don’t worry, there are other ways you can fight Chrono. You can use Misha’s hit-and-run theory. Using Misha increases the speed of the vehicle being driven.

If we can’t get into the shield, let’s just take out the people in the shield by hitting Chrono to make Chrono bounce off the shield and get hit by collision damage. After Chrono gets out of his shield, you can kill Chrono right away.

Frequent training

This last one is the most important, friends, no matter how strong Chrono is, he can still lose. All you need to do is keep practicing and developing new strategies to fight Chrono.

Practicing frequently will surely improve your playing skills, and of course not all Chrono users are good at using Chorono. So you can still fight it.

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