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Tips on playing Phoveus Mobile Legends to become more GG

OKEGUYS – These are the tips on playing Phoveus to make it more GG in Mobile Legends. Let’s just put it off so you can keep winning automatically.

Phoveus is one of the Mobile Legends heroes who has a very high role as a fighter, magician and durability.

Phoveus is also the most feared hero by the players, Guys, he is famous as a very agile hero with his ultimate skills.

With the ability to turn it off, Phoveus has become a ranked mode ban subscription. But for those of you who want to learn more about this hero, OKEGUYS has some tips for you to follow folks. Let’s look at the following article.

Tips for Playing Phoveus, 1000% Auto Win!

Remember, don’t try ranked mode folks, you can follow these tips by trying it out in classic or AI mode.

1. Understand Phoveus’ abilities

Tips for playing Phoveus
Photo: OKEGUYS / IlhamiFajri / Mobile Legends

First of all, before playing, you need to know all the hero’s skills that you want to learn as follows.

  • Passive ability of demonic intuition: From the passive abilities in Phoveus’ weapon, it has mysterious power and is very sensitive to fast moving prey. When the opponent’s hero uses a skill flash or charge He will do anything within 8 meters cooling down and Phoveus’ skill accelerates.
  • Skill 1 Malevolent Terror: By activating this skill, Phoveus knocks his weapon into the ground, which can increase Speed ​​of movement Phoveus and received too Shields.
  • Skill 2 Astaros Eye: With this skill, Phoveus can summon Astaros-Eye, which can pull the enemy into the middle of the skill, as well as give a little damage to them.
  • Skill 3 Demonic Power: When the enemy uses a skill flash or charge, Phoveus can move to their location quickly and by jumping around.

2. Combine the best builds

Tips on Using Phoveus
Photo: OKEGUYS / IlhamiFajri / Mobile Legends

Now that you understand all of Phoveus’ capabilities, what you need now is a Phoveus building article recommendation folks.

This is to make sure that the hero is not easily killed and becomes a deadly hero, or you can also try shuffling the items yourself.

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3. How to play Phoveus in early and late game.

Phoveus tips
Photo: idntimes

In the early game, it is recommended to put Phoveus in the when using this hero Exp Lanebecause the lane is the best for a fighter hero like him.

Phoveus is not a hero to take care of him Damage, but it is more geared towards durability, so you need items, so to buy items quickly you have to use them Exp Lane.

Well, for late games, you have to play braver, guys, and you have to do that a lot wandering, If you use the hero Phoveus, you will have to kidnap one of the opponents.

4. Phoveus’ combo ability

Tips for playing Phoveus
Photo: games.grid

To create a Phoveus skill combo you can follow a combo that a lot of people, guys, use when you run into enemies.

Or one against two, you can use Skill 2, which is aimed at the target, then activate Skill 1 and finally ulti in a row.

Well, so these are the tips to play Phoveus even better, good luck and hopefully useful.

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