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Tips for playing Yi Sun-shin (YSS) Mobile Legends

OKEGUYS – Tips for playing Yi Sun-shin (YSS), the Mobile Legends hero who has the most feared role shooter.

Yi Sun-shin or YSS is one of the Mobile Legends heroes who has seen Revamp and Buff several times, currently the hero is quite feared.

He’s got very morbid damage, especially the critical damage this hero does, and curious about how to play YSS right and right? Check out the following article.

Tips for playing Hero Yi Sun-shin (YSS) Mobile Legends

There are some tips that can help you get even better at playing this Hero Marksman Guy, here are the ranks.

1. Understand every ability that YSS has

Tips for playing YSS
Photo: OKEGUYS / Ilhamifajri / Mobile Legends

Basically, YSS is one of the heroes who has the simplest and easiest to understand skills, here are the skills.

  • Passive Celestial Vo Skill: With this skill, YSS can choose a sword or a bow as a weapon, but within a certain distance. Each time you change weapons, the attack is amplified twice.
  • Ability 1 Without a Trace: With this skill, Yi Sun-shin can look forward and attack, with this skill he becomes immune to crowd control for 1 second.
  • Skill 2 flood of blood: YSS can swing his sword or shoot a badly damaged child with his bow.
  • Ultimate Mountain Shock Skills: With this skill, Yi Sun-shin can remotely summon 3 cannon attacks and detect the position of the enemy.

2. Use the match item build

Tips for playing YSS
Photo: OKEGUYS / Ilhamifajri / Mobile Legends

Before using YSS in battle, the first thing you should do is combine the hero with build items that are suitable for him.

This can also make it easier for you to win the game because using the wrong item will make the damage you have felt normal.

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3. Use the passive skills of YSS

Tips for playing YSS
Photo: OKEGUYS / Ilhamifajri / Mobile Legends

When in the game you need to use Yi Sun-shin’s passive skills, guys, because this passive skill makes it easy for you to kill enemies and jungles.

Every time you use a passive skill, the basic attack is changed to critical, each first hit dealing 70% to 100% critical damage.

The second hit generates 55% to 70% and an additional 20% movement speed in 1 second.

4. Not offside!

When you play YSS you can’t stand too sidelined guys, YSS itself is very low in blood so it’s very easy to kill.

That way, you can use your passive voice to trigger, and to get a trigger you need to alternate attacks between long and close.

If you want to fight enemies at close range, you should be accompanied by a tank or support.

So these are the tips to play Yi Sun-shin Mobile Legends Hero to be better and faster to win the game.

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