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Three Kings Esports players win NMA Star Battle Mobile Legends Nimo TV

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – After four weeks, the series of events for Nimo TV Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Arena (NMA) Star Battle is finally over and the winner has been determined.

After a successful competition with the well-known Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players, three players from King Esports unexpectedly managed to occupy the top spot in the NMA Star Battle.

In the NMA playoffs that brought together 16 popular teams in Mobile Legends: Bang, this Dark Horse team was only able to claim the title as 3rd after successfully defeating Alter Ego X.

Indeed, NMA Star Battle is different from other tournaments. Even if the game is played in a team, the points are based on individuals, not on team wins.

Three Kings Esports players who have won the NMA Star Battle title are featured below.

Champion: Ravicy, price $ 2,500

Runner-up: Drum, $ 1,900 USD

3rd place: Violence, price 1000 USD

In addition to the three main winners, there was the title of Most Popular Player with a cash prize of 500 USD, which was successfully won by Marsha.

Players who reach ranks 4 to 10 in NMA Star Battle are entitled to cash prizes in the form of Diamond Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The details are shown below.

“Thanks to all of the MLBB lovers who have followed the NMA from start to finish. NMA, as the first MLBB tournament organized by Nimo TV, reached the highest number of spectators with over 60,000 spectators. This is a new story for Nimo TV. It also proves that MLBB activists’ enthusiasm never dies, “said Toby, PIC of Nimo TV Indonesia.

Aside from this esports tournament, there’s a lot of excitement from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players watching on the Nimo TV platform via Android, iOS or PC devices. In fact, there are many that carry over the gameplay of other exciting game titles

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