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Three Kingdoms: Legendary Hero admits mistakes and deletes Young Lex's last King video clip

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Social media was enlivened with rapper Young Lex’s music video for “Last King”, which was allegedly a “copy paste” from Lay EXO’s MV “Lit”. Young Lex’s own video is part of the promotion for the mobile game Legendary Three Kingdoms Hero. In this regard, the developer of the game Three Kingdoms Hero Legendary has clarified and admitted his negligence.

The company claimed from the start that it met all of the requirements required by Google and the AppStore. Including purchase rights from cult stars, MV songs (music videos), commercials and more.

“Regarding the MV Young Lex-King Last, which is causing a stir at the moment, our company, as a user of this song, cannot maintain the fundamentals that must be upheld, namely the protection of this advertising material, and we plead guilty.” The company posted on Instagram @ Threekingdomsherolegendaris on Tuesday (September 3rd, 2021).

The developer pleaded guilty and apologized to Lay Zhang for the plagiarism case. They confirmed that they would re-examine and fire workers from the relevant authorities.

“When we became aware of this issue, the first action we took was to delete all MVs on our social media and contact any affected party to delete any messages or content related to this MV song.”

According to Gamefinity monitoring, the video in question is no longer accessible at the time of writing. In addition, the company will form a group to monitor this issue and be more careful so that similar issues do not arise in the future.

“We, the company, apologize to Lay Zhang and the agency. Hopefully Lay Zhang can run it smoothly,” concluded the Three Kingdoms: Legendary Hero team.

Meanwhile, Young Lex also announced a clarification regarding the plagiarism of the song video on another occasion. Even so, he refused to apologize for the latest MV on his YouTube channel.

“I only worked with the agency as a talent and songwriter; and hereby declare that I have not participated in the creative process in the production of the music video until there was an INDICATED SIMILARITY with the costumes, ornaments and / or several scenes in the LAY music video entitled LIT in the content of my current YouTube channel, ” he said.

As is known, the video for the song was used to promote the mobile game Three Kingdoms: Legendary Hero. A number of media outlets, including foreign media (, have compared the intro and concept of The Last King video clip to Lit. On social media, internet users, especially Lay fans, have made a video that contrasts the two video clips and insert the hashtag Respect Zhang Yixing.

As a result, the names Young Lex and “Respect Zhang Yixing” became trending topics on Twitter as a result of this case. The hashtags “Young Lex”, “Plagiarism”, “Dragon” and “RESPECT ZHANG YIXING” are popular Twitter topics.

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