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This Mobile Legends Item is being revised, so anti rain!

This Mobile Legends Item is being revised, so anti rain!

One item that is currently popular with META is anti-regeneration items such as the Durance Necklace and Sea Halberd.

Well, these two items are often used by mages or supporters or fighters in the side lane.

Seeing that he is still less able to make a tank, unless Baxia reduces the opponent’s regeneration, Moonton reworks an item of defense.

These articles are Dominance ice. Yes, this item is currently widely used by tanks in META as it slows down enemies.

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Later on, Dominance Ice works in such a way that all you have to do is be near the enemy whose regeneration you want to reduce. If you are nearby, your opponent will experience a regeneration reduction. by 50%.

So that you don’t get confused, just watch the video below.

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Of course, with this change, this item will be very OP as it can provide anti-regeneration without the need for skills or basic attacks like the other two items, namely the Durance Necklace and Sea Halberd.

Because when exactly this item will be available there is no news yet, it is clear that this revision is very good for tank drivers who normally build up defenses while playing.

That’s a brief explanation of the redesigned Mobile Legends item, which has an anti-regeneration effect.

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