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This is the profile of the former Persipura captain who molested his girlfriend for Mobile Legends

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Alvian Sanyi, 21 years old, a former Persipura Jayapura player, was involved in an abuse case that forced him to deal with the police. The former U-19 captain of Persipura is said to have abused his girlfriend Rana Anjani Balques (27).

Worse, the persecution happened because of trivial things. Annoyed at being mocked by his girlfriend for losing to Mobile Legends, Alvian vented his frustration by beating his girlfriend. He was arrested on Monday night (January 18th, 2021) by the North Jakarta Police Tiger Team in the area of ​​Sunter, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta.

For your information, Alvian is currently no longer an active footballer after being released from Persipura in 2021 prison.

The player, who was born in Abepura on January 16, 1999, brought Persipura to win the U-19 league in 2021. Alvian, who played as a winger, served as the team captain at the time, leading his friends to the championship.

This success makes Alvian the future star of Indonesian football and continues the talents of other footballers from the country of Papua. As a junior, he had time to join Sayang and exercise with him, his lights being dimmed when he entered senior level.

Alvian couldn’t fight for a place on the Indonesian national team. He has also been a clubless player since 2021. After his unemployment, Alvian then shocked the public after he was arrested by the authorities. The deputy police chief of the north Jakarta metropolis AKBP Nasriadi explained the chronology of the incident.

“According to the victim (Alvian’s lover), the perpetrator was annoyed with the victim and was ridiculed by his friends when he lost the online game. The perpetrator was also upset after knowing that the victim had a sexy photo on his WhatsApp Status posted. For this incident, the perpetrator immediately got angry and hit the victim, “said Nasriadi.

Alvian slapped the victim’s head and face with his bare hands and grabbed Rana’s hair when the victim tried to run away and seek help. As a result of this abuse, the victim suffered bruises in her right eye and temple, and a broken upper tooth.

From the hands of the perpetrators, the Tiger team managed to secure evidence in the form of the victim’s clothing and the results of the victim’s autopsy. Alvian is now punished for offenses that lead to serious injuries according to § 351 StGB paragraph 2 with a prison sentence of 5 years.

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