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These 5 Free Fire characters have less effective skills and are a little superfluous to purchase

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Free Fire has many characters in the game, with each character having their own special abilities. There are currently 35 characters available in Free Fire. Almost all of them have great skills.

However, all of these characters must be acquired by players during the event or purchased with diamonds or gold. In addition to great characters like DJ Alok, K and Chrono, this game also features some characters that can be described as a little redundant.

The reason for this is that their skills are not very effective in field combat. Though subjective and ultimately reverted to the survivors’ playstyle, GAMEFINITY.ID seeks to review some of the worst Free Fire characters that are a waste to be bought by players.


Joseph’s ability allows him to increase his movement and sprint speed by 10 percent every time he takes damage. This is a skill that isn’t very useful, especially for players who already have Kelly. You shouldn’t waste your credit buying Joseph because Kelly and Joseph have the same benefits.


Wukong has one of the worst skills in Free Fire. Camouflage as an active ability will hide players standing up. This gives them a green blanket of bushes as camouflage, which can be easily recognized in a fire fight. In addition, the cooldown of this ability is very high and is 300 seconds.


Antonio receives 10 additional HP at the start of the round. But this ability is of little use. The extra 10 HP are minimal and won’t help players at the start of a firefight. It is recommended not to purchase this character. Instead, gamers can look to better options like DJ Alok and K, which offer a much better HP boost.


Since Kla is one of the first characters in Free Fire, his passive ability, which increases fist damage by 100 percent, is very useful. But with many other characters appearing with more useful skills, it seems that now players don’t have to waste their credit on Kla. Especially at this time there are seldom players in Free Fire who want to get involved in a fight. Therefore, Kla’s ability becomes useless.


Wolfrahh’s skill reduces headshot damage by 3 to 25 percent with each observer or kill. Enemy limb damage increased by 3% to 15%. In fact, this skill is very useful in combat. But something is holding Wolfrahh back, namely the presence of an observer. If no observer saw Wolfrahh’s gameplay, he would not be able to use his skills at all. She would then become as normal as Nulla or Primis.

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