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The right trick to get a hero in Lucky Spin Mobile Legends

OKEGUYS – Mobile Legends has the Lucky Spin feature which has free skins and heroes, but what is the trick to get heroes in Lucky Spin the easy way?

Lucky Spin there are different types of heroes and skins that will beUpdate every few days to get free heroes or skins.

You have to collect Draw cards, or cards that are exchanged in order to use the function.

However, not many people realize that there is a surefire way to get special prizes on this feature. How is this trick? Check out the following article.

Tricks to get the most accurate hero in Lucky Spin

In a game, of course, there are ways and tricks to win the game, just as you would like to get a hero in Lucky Spin Mobile Legends. Here is the full guide.

1. Spin after playing

Tricks to Get Lucky Spin Hero

So if only you Sign up to Mobile Legends, don’t turn right away, play for a few first Game.

game it’s not just fashion ranked, You can play it in mode too classic, brawl, or Arcades.

According to player experienced by taking a lap after doing it Game, he said it would increase a high percentage which would make it easier to get special prizes in the Lucky Spin feature.

2. Make a spin that direct draws 5 times

Tricks to get heroes in Lucky Spin Mobile Legends

The trick to get a hero in Lucky Spin is to draw 5 times (100 draw tickets). Why do you have to go straight five times?

Because if you pull it directly 5 times, the chance of getting a hero increases by a few percent.

This can also affect the prices you get. So try to draw 5 times each time crackhead.

3. Press the hero icon while drawing

When you draw, try to tap the icon of the hero you want to get.

Myth, this method is quite effective for guys because there are many out there already player who do it that way.


When winning a special prize like Lucky Spin, there can be a trick that is very effective. But back again, because this is a system that has been discontinued.

You have to rely on luck to get it, but it never hurts to try the above tricks.

Well, so this is the surefire trick for those of you who want to get heroes and skins in Lucky Spin Mobile Legends, good luck and I hope you’re the lucky one.

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