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The return of the legend, the Nokia 3310 is about to be reborn

Andro01 As one of the technology companies that is developing particularly in the area of ​​smartphones, NOKIA is no stranger to its users. After Nokia’s first Android-based mobile phone was announced some time ago, there is now surprising news from the group.

Based on information HMD Global As the holder of the NOKIA Cellphone license, it was declared that NOKIA will bring out 3 new products at the same time. The publication will take place at the same time as the event Mobile world congress (MWC) 2017. and Nokia is known to have issued invitations to the launch event, only it is not yet clear for the new device that will be released.

But for some time now there have been leaks on the Internet about the three products that HMD Global will bring onto the market. Evan Blass is a person commonly referred to as a “forecaster”, who often transpires the latest products from large corporations who are the first to disseminate the information. The owner of this @evleaks twitter account very often leaks products from a company and what they do leak is almost 90% true.

According to Blass, one of the new devices the giant company will bring to market is the NEW VERSION of the legendary cell phone, the Nokia 3310. According to him, Nokia has revived a legendary cell phone that has been shown to have a case and battery power that is already known is tough.

Although he doesn’t know all the details about the specifications of the new 3310 series, Blass said that this phone will still fall into the ordinary phones category, with only a small chance of making its way into the smartphones category.

Blass also announced the price of this new version of the Nokia 3310 based on his information that the new version of the 3310 will be around 800,000, or around $ 60.

As for the other two product types, the other two devices will enter the Android-based smartphone category, according to Blass. Both are Nokia 3 and Nokia 5.

Nokia 5, will carry a 5.2-inch screen with 720p resolution, 2 GB of RAM and a 12-megapixel rear-view camera. This one product is marketed at a price of about $ 200, or the equivalent of 2.7 million rupees.

Meanwhile, Blass didn’t reveal the Nokia 3’s specs. However, he said that this product is being sold at a price of $ 150, which is the equivalent of 2 million rupees.

HMD Global has not yet commented on Blass’s news. The truth of the news itself cannot be proven until it is later published on the MWC.

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