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The reason Free Fire is a bad game

Almost all games have advantages and disadvantages, either little or much, this has been broadly rated by some people before. Different views or ratings of a game are different, so it’s no wonder there are people who rate it as good or bad.

One of the games that is considered bad or commonly referred to as a bad game is the Free Fire (FF) game, why is it? Are you trying, please read this article and will you conclude whether the reasons we have given are reasonable and correct for calling the Free Fire game a dirty game?

1. Bad graphics

Is Free Fire littered with graphics? The reason for the poor graphics is why the game is disorganized. A game called Free Fire (FF) is one of the games included in the Indonesian Dotted Games series. Free Fire is considered bad because the game is only 8 bit quality. Compared to games with the same concept, Free Fire is a lowest quality game in its class.

We agree that the Free Fire game is quite unsatisfactory in terms of graphics or graphics quality, especially when compared to other similar games. With a humble graphics assessment, the developer of Free Fire aka Garena doesn’t stop there, Garena tries to give the Free Fire game a better graphics quality than the previous situation.

Garena is updated often to improve the quality of the Free Fire graphics, even the Free Fire graphics have been significantly improved in the updates from Garena on the Kalahari Desert Map Patch. In the Kalahari Desert Map update, Garena unveiled Free Fire Max, which is considered Super Ultra HD graphics quality, while the Free Fire Max phase is already in its final testing phase.

2. All buildings have no doors

Is Free Fire Scored? Yes, in the design of the building. The Free Fire game is a game with buildings where not everything is designed to have doors to enter or exit. A game is considered good when the game is more realistic with today’s real world where a door in a building is one thing not to be missed as every building must have a door that works to enter and exit.

Maybe there isn’t a door in the Free Fire game that has anything to do with our first reason, which is poor graphics. If the graphics are poor, this is also the reason why buildings in Free Fire have no doors. Another reason the Free Fire game building doesn’t have a door is because this game may be aimed at all low HP specs to be able to play the game.

If the Free Fire game has a door to build it must also be accompanied by the movement of the door, as it is useless if the game just calls the door without realistically moving the door correctly. We conclude that the no door problem in this game is a trivial problem and needs no further treatment, because the point of this game is that it can be reached by all specs of Android devices or smartphones.

3. HP potatoes dominate

Is Free Fire discolored because it is identical to the Potato HP that dominates players? Because of this, we actually judge that it is good and that there is a shortage. With good reason about this game, one would like to say that gamers will not be hindered by the HP specs they currently have. That reason can be a good and noble reason so that all people can play the Free Fire game on their respective mobile devices.

Dominating Potato HP can also have a negative impact on potential players later on as it can potentially lead to players having issues in the game such as lag, DC, bugs, or other things that can harm other players who do not have Potato Use HP. You need to know that playing Free Fire with a high specification capacity has a good impact on the gameplay, starting with the movement of the display, etc.

With specs that can be used by potato phones, this game has a poor game rating. The Free Fire game is supposed to be a dirty game because this game can be played on potato phones, why potato phones? Because normally games with good and good quality can generally not be played with HP potatoes, and usually games with poor or point quality can generally be played with HP potatoes.

4. Most of the players are small

For those who are little, don’t be offended, okay? Because the contributions to the dotted rating of the Free Fire game come from the bad guys. So is Free Fire discolored because it’s small? We replied that this could be because most of the players in this game are young children, also known as toddlers these days. On average, the dirty players are considered to be less serious, always joking, always friendly, often out of the game, etc.

The number of little players in the Free Fire game can be caused by our third reason, which is games that can be played on potato phones. On average, we assume that the little boy has a low-spec device or cell phone, also known as a potato cell phone. Why do children mostly have potato HP? Because toddlers or children typically do not understand the technology or specifications of mobile devices, they typically judge HP by brand or shape.

Free Fire is a game that is not dominated by many small players, there also seems to be a lot of leaks in games that may or may not be similar to Free Fire. In fact, in games that can be played on mobile phones, especially free and famous online games, usually children who want to play them are either just trying to follow trends or doing other things that are common with small minds or children.

5. Less character movements

Not to mention the Free Fire game, other games are also judged to be disorganized if the characters’ movements are stiff or less realistic. Can Free Fire be discolored due to its rigid motion animations? We can say it is because a game that looks stiff from the setting, characters or other things that are rigid or unreal makes the game’s rating poor, otherwise known as a bad game.

Characteristic movements that are less or less rigid are things that interfere with the game process, players will also feel a feel of the game that is less than these shortcomings. We can relate this one reason to our first one, as the Free Fire game is for any HP or smartphone spec. With improvised graphics, it’s no wonder that the movements of the characters from the Free Free game are also sober, aka stiff.

The impromptu graphics, while very good for Potato HP owners, are not for those who have high spec HP. As mentioned earlier, this game has poor graphics, which has an impact on the realistic buildings that are now forced to have no doors, and don’t forget that impromptu graphics can make Free Fire characters animation stiff.

That’s the Gamefinity article, titled “5 Reasons Why Free Fire Is Really a Bad Game?” So is it true that the game is bad? Then please complete for yourself by playing the game at this point so you can know more. You need to give 5 reasons this FF is dotted for others to know. Articles about information and other news from us can be found on our website at

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