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The latest collection of background load scripts for Mobile Legends

Collection of the latest Mobile Legends patch loading background scripts – Hello analog moba friends. On this occasion the admin wants to share the cool and cool background script for loading mobile legends with you. For those of you who are tired of seeing the same background and want to try changing the background with other games like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Anime and others.
Cool Mobile Legends Background Loading Scripts Collection

You came to the right blog. Because here mimin will be sharing a lot of cool and solid background scripts for loading mobile legends. This ml background load script was made by modder Mazreen Official, not mimin. Here I just want to share it with those who don’t know.

question: “Min, if we use this mlbb script will we be banned?”

As far as Mimin is concerned, it won’t because this is not illegal and does not harm anyone and here we are only changing the loading background, no cheat diamonds, bp tickets etc. That is what I think. So just use it for the impatient.

Oh yeah, Mimin is there for the ml lobby background script as well. For those who haven’t tried it, just try it below, I’ll give you the link.

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This is the mlbb background script that mimin can submit. Hopefully it will be useful and fun to play mobile legends so you don’t get emotional haha. Thank you for visiting, greetings, analog moba.


Just an ordinary person who wants to share their knowledge of games with the wider community.

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