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The hero with the strongest skills in Mobile Legends game

Hello friends, Moba game fans, especially Mobile Legends games, there are a lot of heroes we can play in Mobile Legends game with different traits and characters for each hero, of course they have their own strengths and weaknesses. Well this time we are going to discuss the newest hero and have the strongest skills in Mobile Legends Game.

One thing that you need to know in Mobile Legends game is to know what types of heroes are being played. If your friend knows the hero type’s skills and characters, he will easily win the game and also know the opposing hero’s movements.

Well maybe there are some gamers who are wondering who is the strongest hero in this Mobile Legends game? With that, recommends some of the best heroes you can play in the Mobile Legends Game.


There is no reason for this strongest assassin hero to doubt his abilities. This hero with super fast attack power does enormous damage to his ultimate skill (Phantom Execution) despite being nerfed, but this hero is still feared by the opposing team as his abilities still deal pretty high damage. Lancelot’s own passive ability is very helpful in affecting enemy defenses decrease, can also have a slow effect on the enemy, adding 20% ​​damage to his attack.


For the next best mobile legend assassin hero is Hayabusa. This hero is a hero who is quite a nuisance on the battlefield. This Hayabusa hero has a strength specialist who is used to performing push tower attacks. Hayabusa’s general position is on a path near the Spinner (Blue Buff).

To take it faster than other heroes, Hayabusa has quite a high waste of mana herself, so this hero really needs a blue buff. And Hayabusa’s third (ultimate) skill, which can be called Shadow Kill, can kill all minions at once. These kind of things make it easy for obstacles hindering his progress and make it easy for Hayabusa to push the tower or defend and defend on the tower itself.


This Lapu-Lapu hero can be described as a mobile legendary fighter hero who, with its speed advantage, is very suitable for hunting magicians and snipers. And this hero has a lot of active abilities that cause fatal physical attacks with significant damage. his combined physical attack can quickly paralyze the enemy. Also, this hero is endowed with two deadly ultimates when used on a hero at the same time.

This mobile legend hero Lapu Lapu also has some strong abilities that he can exploit with atomic bombs while helping him attack monsters and get gold (farming), not only does this hero have pretty good protective resistance.

If there are five enemy targets attacked by Lapu Lapu with this skill, the normal strike will give additional attacks after that too. Of course, this is very useful when Lapu Lapu is ganking his enemy.


There is no doubt about this one hero, it can be said that ALUCARD is a very strong mobile legendary hero, especially when he can farm quickly and precisely.

He can also kill weak opponents with a 3 on 1 fight in a short time, since the ability of his skills is very fast, and when all Alucard items (build) have been obtained, this hero will of course be feared by some of his enemies because of his great skills and resilience.

Provisions when using this hero must be available at the beginning of the game. This is very important for this hero and also for any heroes you use while playing as it will make the excess level and preserve the equipment that you will use while fighting.


Many call this character looks like an assassin, but actually he has an assassin and magician character.

If we talk about mage heroes, then the harm to Karina’s character is the deadliest and most feared by the enemy. Apart from the fatal damage, this hero is also superior in his running speed. This hero can master the game in advance because it is quick to farm and easy to use and learn.

Not only that, this hero has the advantage that he has a combination of skills with sufficiently high damage and high mobility and for GEAR Karina herself you can take her from the top player who uses her.


This hero is typical of Marksman, but he can turn his form into such a deadly wolf. When this hero changes his form, his role changes into a fighter with this change, Roger himself has the power to hunt down his opponents.

This hero has the power to always approach the enemy quickly and at the same time has a very good high speed. In addition, Roger also has a specialist who is very good at exterminating enemies with both claws and deadly skills.

Even if the opponent’s HP is full, Roger will deal additional damage to the opponent’s hero from each blocked attack.

Hence, the opponent will think twice about attacking Roger because this mobile legendary hero is so dangerous for the opposing team when taken as a fighter.


His passive ability that turns his basic attack into amazing magical damage that can pierce armor. That is why this hero figure is called a feared agile magician.

This hero has his own perks, one of which is easy to escape enemy chase, so he can attack quickly and quickly and has full magic damage as well as high attack speed and of course this hero is interesting to play.

For the Harley GEAR itself, you can take it from the top players who use it.


Cyclops has a passive called Starlit Hourglass that can reduce the cooldown of his abilities by 0.5 seconds when his abilities attack the enemy. This gives this hero his own advantage.

This hero has the advantage that the cooldown for his skills is very low and has a fairly high burst damage, so this hero makes the enemy keep a distance from him to avoid his attacks and has good mobility (high movement speed) Has.

For the GEAR Cyclpos itself, you can take it from the top players who use it.


Heroine Irithel is the woman who rides the tiger Irithel. Looks so adorable but also has ferocity on the battlefield that Irithel can quickly take down the opponent’s hero or the opponent’s tower he is targeting with his skills.

Irithel is a hero who can be used as a core hero, or what can be said, is a crucial hero waiting for his ferocity to be used for the late game, or a hero to quickly shift the enemy’s path. With a fast attack speed and a high movement speed that is pretty quick and very agile.


The second strongest sniper Hero Mobile Legend is Lesley. The hero who often harasses his opponents with the figure of a deadly sniper and meta-professional when the tournament is on. Compared to other marksmen, Lesley has a range, or attack distance, that can lock enemies in at considerable distances.

Of course, among the advantages it has, there are disadvantages, the disadvantage is that its abilities cannot be used for instant kills. But if you play this hero right, you will make a WAR or a clash, and you can patiently find a good place so that you can easily go wild and of course your gaming experience will be better.

Not only strong for long-range combat, but for those of you who want to ambush it, you have to think twice about attacking and destroying Irithel at close range because it will be very difficult and quite arduous. This is because Irithel has the abilities of the Queen’s power and the heavy crossbow.

So these are some of the heroes who have the strongest skills in Mobile Legend with their respective perks. You can rotate heroes in the game to know each hero’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can easily spot your opponent’s hero.

That’s all for Legends mobile game info from us. If you want to add your favorite heroes, feel free to comment in the column below. Let’s share information with each other. Thank you for visiting here and good luck.


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