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The grand finale of the Gamefinity Free Fire online tournament was held successfully

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Starting in 2021, Gamefinity will successfully host a Free Fire tournament between player communities in Indonesia, the Gamefinity Free Fire Online Tournament. The Grand Final, which took place on Saturday (June 2nd, 2021), was exciting and exciting. In the end, CELLO SOLOCO emerged as the best of the 12 teams that competed in the big final round.

The team, led by Zeal, Onay, Ntuuy, Dmzy and Frhan, scored 73 points, just ahead of OK.HELLWHISPER, who scored 72 points. CRITICIZE PUTOL is in third place with 71 points.

Both CELLO SOLOCO, OK.HELLWHISPER and CRITICIZE PUTOL took turns to win Booyah in the five games played. In the first match, which took place in Bermuda, CRITICIZE PUTOL thumped and successfully won Booyah. The next game to be played in Bermuda was again won by CELLO SOLOCO Booyah.

The third match that took place in purgatory was again won by CRITICIZE PUTOL. OK.HELLWHISPER caught Booyah in the fourth match in the Kalahari. Ultimately, CELLO SOLOCO managed to win Booyah in the match, which was again played in purgatory, with Dmzy and Frhan each scoring 3 kills.

“Naturally happy and grateful to be able to win this title. For teams that haven’t won yet, keep your focus, keep your mood, keep practicing. If there is a mistake, it can be rated even better in the next tournament, ”said Alsetiawan alias Zeal.

With the successful appointment as champion, CELLO SOLOCO receives a price of 500,000 IDR. While the runner-up OK.HELLWHISPER took home a prize of Rp. 300,000, while CRITICIZE PUTOL received Rp. 200,000 for third place.

This tournament is an expression of Gamefinity’s commitment to advancing the gaming industry in Indonesia. Gamefinity not only regularly presents interesting news about games, hardware and product reviews, but also continues to support the esports community through prestigious tournaments.

This tournament was made possible thanks to support from NYK Nemesis and Gamefinity Voucher Game. NYK Nemesis always presents high quality gaming hardware products for gamers. Don’t forget to keep topping up your favorite games with Gamefinity vouchers!

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