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The Easiest Way to Refill Diamond Free Fire in 2021

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Free Fire is a very popular game in Indonesia. You can download this battle royale genre game for free on both Google Play for Android users and Apple Store for iOS users. Although it is free to play, Free Fire offers premium content for you to enjoy like skins, items, weapons, and others. Free Fire’s premium content is collected in a system called microtransactions.

To make purchases from the Free Fire Game Store, you will need to use the Free Fire game currency called Diamond. You can easily buy this currency from various gaming voucher sellers in Indonesia. While some people think that charging Free Fire diamonds is easy, many people don’t know. Additionally, there are several updates coming in 2021 that will make charging Free Fire Diamonds a lot easier.

So that you don’t get confused while charging Free Fire Diamonds, you can follow the tutorial on How to Charge the Easiest Free Fire Diamonds in 2021.

1. Visit the Free Fire Player Diamond Refill Provider website

There are currently many websites that offer free top-ups for diamond games such as INDOMOG, Unipin, Codashop and others. Even now there is a feature that doesn’t require you to create an ID on the Free Fire Diamond game recharge provider website. So the transaction process is much faster and easier.

2. Find the Free Fire game on the website

After accessing the Free Fire Diamond game recharge provider website, you are usually immediately presented with a list of the games that you want to recharge. Now at this stage you choose the Free Fire game.

3. Enter your Free Fire ID

Currently, the process of topping up Free Fire diamonds is no longer complicated thanks to the direct top-up feature. When using this feature, simply enter your Free Fire ID for the Free Fire Diamond top-up process. This process is much easier than having to buy a Google Play or Garena voucher, which makes the process even more complicated and the price is less competitive.

4. Select the nominal charge

After entering the Free Fire ID, you will be asked to enter the nominal charge value. Usually the available Free Fire diamonds start from 5 diamonds to 3640 diamonds. The price also varies, but usually the price offered by any Free Fire Diamond top-up service provider isn’t too far off.

5. Choose payment method

After entering the Free Fire Diamond ID and nominal, the next step is definitely the payment step. Currently, the payment methods of any Free Fire Diamond Top up service provider are diverse and are getting faster all the time. Starting with virtual bank transfers, credit cuts, payments at Alfamart or Indomaret, Gopay, Dana and many others.

That is the information on the easiest way to top up Free Fire Diamonds in 2021. Hopefully this article will be useful for those of you who don’t know how to top up Free Fire Diamonds in 2021.

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