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The difference between Karina Revamp and Before Revamp in Mobile Legends

This is the difference between the Karina makeover hero and before the makeover in the Mobile Legends game, which one is better?

As we know, the makeover for Karina was there in Mobile Legends, but it is only available on the extended server.

The release of this hero on the original MLBB server will also happen sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time because the plan is to come in the next update in May / April 2021.

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Before it’s officially unveiled, the first thing you need to know is the difference between the Karina makeover and the pre-makeover in Mobile Legends.

Karina’s first ability

Karina before the overhaul (earlier) can be immune to all attacks both long and close.

Now the ability 1 Karina Rework can only block and reverse the opponent’s attack, not immune, but it must be silent.

In addition, the damage that can be blocked is only at long range, while damage cannot be blocked at short range. In addition to this ability, 1 can also storm the enemy.

Karina’s second ability

Karina’s 2nd skill doesn’t change at all in the meantime, she only gets a new effect in the form of a cooldown reduction if she manages to give the enemy 3x basic attacks.

Karina’s third ability

This is a huge difference seen in Skill 3 before Karina’s rework had Skill 3 (Ultimate) that could be used many times if she managed to kill an enemy with Skill 3 .

Now Karina Revamp is not like that, Skill 3 can only be used twice, that’s it for the same opponent. But the damage is much greater than it was with Karina before the overhaul.

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Source: ig @dafrixkun

That’s a little explanation from SPIN Esports of the difference between Karina before and after the makeover.

According to SPIN Esports personally, Karina is much better before the overhaul than after the overhaul as her immunity is very important and her ability 3 can often be spammed only that the damage is less effective.

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The difference between Karina Revamp and Before Revamp in Mobile Legends first appeared on SPIN.

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