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The 6 best PC strategy games are fun and you must try them out

The 6 Best PC Strategy Games That Are Easy, Fun, And Need To Try – This selection offers a list of the best PC strategy games of 2021. The genre of strategic games is special: instead of being front line soldiers, we are in the general role, or in some cases the president, or other government roles that we are about decide the fate of hundreds of people. Reflexes are no longer basic, but we have to use the brain: the goal is victory and prosperity, and for this we have compiled a list of the best PC strategy games with the most convenient offers.

The 6 best PC strategy games, easy and fun

List of the best PC games of all time – The best PC strategy games are selected based on factors such as the relevance of the series, the variety of choices available during the game and the ability to satisfy players’ tastes. Since this is a genre where fantasy and brains are the fundamental sides, let’s ignore the power of graphics and prefer to focus on the gameplay and tactical options that are on offer. The advantage of this type is that it can be played on a cheap PC. The list is structured according to topics (science fiction, history, etc.), divided into different playgroups for aesthetic reasons and contains relevant examples for the most important strategic subgenres (always explain their characteristics on a case-by-case basis). Case base).

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1. XCOM 2


After one of the most successful reboots in video game history, XCOM 2 continues the fight against an alien invasion under an interesting premise: what if the XCOM army cannot stop the invasion at the end of the war? The game replaces alternating tactical play with its base building moments in a scenario that shifts from open war to desperate war to try to save humanity in order to manage their small team. In addition, the latest expansion War of the Chosen, which adds a lot of material, new factions and more and more aliens who are defeated by weapons that are well managed by our small team. Definitely one of the best PC strategy games out there.

2. The Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga 2

The tactical RPG saga set in the cold Nordic countries ends. The Banner Saga 3 is the conclusion of one of the most beautiful and moving sagas in the niche video game world, a series of strategy games with traditional superlative animation that combines turn-based strategy with a story with many choices and characters to discover and influence friends (or foes) who we can outflank in battle. And the story is the journey of a handful of heroes to the end of the world, with melancholy colors and intense tension, in a world of Vikings and giants in which we have to manage our armies, our resources and our camps. It is highly recommended that you revisit the first and second episodes to see firsthand how events unfolded and how the characters got to this point, especially since The Banner Saga 3 weighed our choices in the previous episode Has.

3. Ultimate General: Civil War

Ultimate General: Civil War

After working on the short but intense Ultimate General: Gettysburg, developer Game-Labs created Ultimate General: Civil War, an extension of an earlier experiment that turns practical ideas into a full-fledged single-player campaign. Faced with the battlefields of the American Civil War, players must take control of a company (confederation or union) and ensure that it leads to victory during the war, turning it into a real soldier, buying cannons, and replacing troops killed in action. Interesting work by a group of developers who started out as simple modders, have grown into important personalities.

4. Endless space 2

Endless space 2

Endless Space 2 is a 4X (explore, expand, exploit, destroy) with excellent graphics and takes us on the conquest of a distant galaxy, with different tactics depending on the selected species. We can deal with expansion the traditional way, we can expand cosmic tentacles, we can buy planets directly by paying private companies; great freedom, and the game is much more interested in the management and political side than fighting and destruction, present but handled by brains and different menus. Has advanced a lot compared to the period in Early Access and with a lot fewer bugs if you’re ready to learn how to manage the UI this could be the game for you.

5. Stelleris


Grandeur seems to be the main theme of Stellaris, a mix of RTS (Real Time Strategy) and 4X published by the masters of Paradox. The spontaneously generated galaxy and territorial expansion that leads to physical confrontations are part of the experience, along with political intrigue and scientific research. Highly customizable and very accessible, Stellaris offers a tutorial system that can adapt to the needs of the players, from simple suggestions to real assistants during the games. Very good for those who intend to delve into a style that is unfamiliar.

6. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

Appreciated by critics but rejected by fans, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III mainly suffers from this last count in the title, which ties it in with the previous game. The third episode broke the tradition of the series and reworked the game’s mechanics and systems, experimenting with a mix of strategy and arena combat, with the Space Marines going back and forth, Eldar and Orki under the control of the player. If you’re open-minded and ready to try new things (or haven’t played the first two yet) reserve the surprises, if nothing else, we have to admire the developers’ courage in not always heating up the same soup, no doubt, to make one of the best pc strategy games out there.

There she is a list of the best strategy pc games According to our. If there are any additions from my friend, please put your comments in the comments column and thank you.

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