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The 6 Best Fanny Mobile Legends (ML) Counter Heroes!

Fanny is one of the heroes who took on the role of the assassin in Mobile Legends. This hero has an aggressive style of play and does not use mana, but energy. Fanny herself is also one of the toughest heroes in Mobile Legends when faced with this. There are 6 Hero Counter Fanny that you can use to defeat him easily.

When dealing with enemies that Fanny’s Heroes use, there are several powerful strategies you can employ. Including his rush buff, the use of hero locks, and the use of heroes for crowd control. The Fanny hero counter that we are going to explain already has all of these skills. That way, it will be easier for you to defeat him.

Counter Hero Fanny Mobile Legends

Don’t be afraid anymore when facing enemies using Fanny’s heroes. Use these 6 counter heroes and silence them as you play. Below is a full explanation of the Counter Fanny hero, please listen carefully, yes!

1. Chou

6 Counter Hero Fanny Mobile Legends (ML)

Chou is a castle hero with good crowd control skills in Mobile Legends. You can use this Chou hero as a counter to Fanny’s hero in a gameplay. You can use his ultimate ability to stop Fanny’s movement. Additionally, the damage Chou himself inflicts is quite painful when built as a damage hero.

2. Chufra

6 Counter Hero Fanny Mobile Legends (ML)

Khufra is one of the tank heroes in Mobile Legends who can also easily be used against Fanny. It is enough just to use the second skill, Fanny will have problems when she moves with the cable. Additionally, Khufra can also trigger a stun effect with attacks from his ultimate.

3. Aurora

6 Counter Hero Fanny Mobile Legends (ML)

Aurora is a hero mage with a pretty good passive ability when countering Fanny. Aurora can easily freeze Fanny by using her attack skills as well as her passive abilities. If a fanny walks up to you, just give her a combination skill. In this way Fanny can easily be defeated by you,

4. Moscow

6 Counter Hero Fanny Mobile Legends (ML)

Moskov is also one of the heroes in Mobile Legends that you can use to face Fanny. Moskov can use his second ability to give Fanny a knockback effect towards the wall to create a stunning effect. Make sure you can hit Fanny well using the second skill. That way you can easily stop Fanny.

5. Kaja

6 Counter Hero Fanny Mobile Legends (ML)

Kaja also has excellent crowd control skills in Mobile Legends. With this hero you can meet Fanny so easily. Use his ultimate ability to tie and dress Fanny. If you are hit in the attack, you will maximize your chances of killing Fanny. You can use other combinations of skills and ask your teammates to help them deal damage.

6. Akai

6 Counter Hero Fanny Mobile Legends (ML)

Akai becomes a tank hero that allows you to easily stop Fanny’s movement. You can take advantage of the stun effect by using skill two and skill one. Additionally, Akai’s ultimate ability by itself can completely stop Fanny’s movement if you push it against the wall. The damage done by Akai itself is quite large.

That is a series of 6 Fanny counter-heroes that you can use in one gameplay. Fanny will definitely have a hard time facing the above heroes as it may limit her movements and not maximize her attacks.

So you don’t have to be scared anymore when facing an opponent who uses Fanny well because there are plenty of counterheroes that you can use! Don’t forget to keep visiting Ayoden for interesting news about other Mobile Legends! That’s all and thanks.