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The 5 best tank heroes in Mobile Legends

Being a tank knight in mobile legends has its ups and downs as most tank knight players fall victim to the front lines. Speaking of tank warriors, there are some of the best tank heroes in Mobile Legends veri July 2021. But before that, I’m still surprised to see people blaming tank players for tank defeats. Being a tank is not easy, but being a tank knight is very good if we can master it. When you received the fell As a tank knight, of course, you will think back to using Markman, who has very little blood but is very popular.

You don’t need to have special skills in dealing with tank warriors, just go with the hero fighter / mage player you will win, followed by good cooperation of course. As a tank knight you are not afraid to be at the top, a brave soul only exists in a tank knight, even if you have to sacrifice blood for the team. Well, curious about which tanks are the best and most popular right now, check out the explanation below.

The strongest tank hero in mobile legends

The 7 best tank heroes for July 2021 in Mobile Legends

1. Franco

This one hero tank is pretty interesting because it’s easy to use and if you’re good at MVP when the game isn’t impossible. Franco is very much needed by the team when it comes to choosing a tank, yes most people recommend Franco. Staying in the bushes and then pulling your opponent is the strategy this tank hero uses the most. And the use of the hook must also be perfect, otherwise you can be overwhelmed. When using this Franco hero, you should never go to the enemy base alone as the damage this Franco does is very little, so you will need team help when attacking.

2. Johnson

The second best hero is Hero Johnson, this hero is quite in demand with mobile Legends players as it is very helpful when this hero becomes a car and crashes into an opponent so that the opponent gets a stun effect. With a nice build, this hero is very useful to the team as his damage is reliable enough to fight. This hero is inspired by the Transformers movie in the form of robots and cars. If you want to use this hero, you can buy it with battle points.

3. Lolita

This one tank hero is great because other tank heroes can’t stand the stun of some mage heroes. Lolita has a shield that helps her protect herself from enemy resistance. From a physical form, Lolita isn’t chunky and scary like other tank heroes. But behind the appearance of that kwai and petite Lolita has the ability to be a powerful and useful tank driver, with the huge hammer that is her trademark, Lolita can crush her opponent in no time. When you look at Lolita, hurry up and collect your battle points or diamonds to buy them.

4. Trigeal

The Dawn Warrior is the nickname of the best knight this time around, Trgeal has its own charm in this mobile legend game. As a trigeal tank, it really helps the team, especially when the trigeal knight has reached the max level. The reason why Trigeal is in great demand by mobile legend players is that the Ulti is very much feared by the opponent because when he takes it off, all enemies around him will be attracted together and affected by the stun effect. The appearance of a dashing body in the final skin mode makes this hero even more afraid of the opponents. It is quite difficult to use the first time you try, but as you practice you will be able to handle this trigeal hero easily and you will not forget to build the item as far as you can.

5. Akai

Inspired by Kung Fu Panda Satria, this is enough to irritate opponents because Satria Akai’s ability is to be able to push opponents into the tower. As a tank hero, Akai is very useful for the team’s survival. This hero is quite difficult to use if you are not really good at playing it. Hero akai is very popular, many tank drivers use it to become their favorite hero. The damage done by Akai Knights is quite strong compared to other tank heroes in passive attack mode. Hero akai can be owned by buying it with battle points and tickets.

Tips for Using Hero Tanks to Become a Pro Player

From all of the above heroes, you can choose which heroes you are interested in. How do you hopefully become competent and professional with Panzerhelden? In fact, many of his dunya became tank knights, and even receiving assists already felt happy. A little tip from me if you are interested in using a knight’s armor.

  • Never jungle monsters
  • Don’t go alone
  • Relax and don’t be greedy
  • Don’t hesitate to go ahead
  • Find your best administration
  • Maximum item build in Cupid
  • View card

Above is how to maximize build items in Cupid, that means you don’t get too into HP, but Cupid is very important to this tank hero. The second most important point is shoes and immortality. However, you can conduct your own experiment with this element. A good strategy can result in a tank hero getting praised by the team. Be careful when you face your enemies.

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