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The 5 best tank heroes in Mobile Legend 2021

Armored Heroes are indeed the core of a team’s defense.

Why Defense?

As we know, roller armor is actually great for protecting your teammates. This is because he has a thick HP plus the items he will be using later.

The game in Mobile Legend now has a Buff and Nerf system. Sometimes there are only a few compositions or the best heroes that are popular with the players. This also includes the hero tanker.

For those of you who want to know who Mobile Legend’s tank heroes are popular in 2021, this time around, here’s a list of them:


    Actually become the core of a team's defense of 5 Best Tank Hero Mobile Legend 2021

The clumsy panda from Far Eastern villages dreams of becoming a hero every night. Akai is fat and clumsy even for a regular panda, and most people say he’s only good at rolling around. This never bothered Akai, however, as he trained every day in hopes of one day realizing his dream of becoming a respected warrior. His friends mock him, his parents discourage him, but Akai perseveres. One day a mysterious old monk notices Akai’s persistence and takes him under his guidance. Akai thrives under monk training and has mastered the art of flogging. He is now ready to take the world stage and prove that he is a worthy member of the fighting world!


An ancient fortress lies deep in the mountains of the Land of Dawn. Although its owner is unknown, it is rumored that it could be a descendant of the legendary breed that once roamed the lands of the dawn. It is said that this race is older than the earth itself, has a special affinity for nature, it is able to build deep relationships and relationships with various natural beings, especially the stone titans. These friendly giants have rocky skin that is almost impervious to any physical force, but because of their good nature, they mainly use their physical abilities to sleep safely. These giant porcini mushrooms love sleep so much that they sometimes hibernate for up to six months, but when they wake up they find it difficult to get back to sleep. When Grock wakes up again one day, he is alone, the old castle guard is gone. He continued to saddle the lock on his back to find the owners and made his way through the land of dawn to find out about their whereabouts so that one day he could give them back their home.


In the midst of the misty mountains, the deepest north reaches the land of dawn, where the ancient and mysterious race of the centaurs lives. These centaurs guard the well, which is based on the highest mountain peak. This fountain is said to give the gift of life. The dark forces are constantly trying to get the power of this well, but are always thwarted by the centaurs. However, as time went on, the centaurs grew tired and the friction soon increased. It wasn’t until he got there. Mana tossed her mastery of nature’s wrath at punishing the well invaders. Hylos has become a legendary figure in the history of the Land of Dawn.


Lolita was born in a distant elf village and lived a happy, quiet life. That is, until the war ends peacetime, sure. Whole villages were destroyed in the war; tore his family apart. Just when his life is in grave danger, Rooney, the master of the clergy city, finds himself passing through and brings him back to the Eruditio. To show her gratitude to the city, Lolita joins the city guards and swears to death to defend her honor. Bruno greatly admired and understood the spirit of this young elven maiden and so he asked the clergy of the city for their most advanced crystal technology – noumenon nuclear energy – and bestowed it on Lolita. This powerful energy core gives Lolita’s tiny body the ability to deliver massive bursts of force and even allows her to control a giant mechanical hammer with ease.


Johnson, with a rock-hard constitution, as he sped through the dome of the stadium like a heavy truck, the girls cheered loudly. He led the team to lift the champions’ trophy and reached the height of his life as a super quarterback with millions of fans. However, happiness is always changing. Suddenly, a little girl rushed into the street while Johnson was driving a sports car. In order not to hit the little girl, her car crashed badly. The massive bleeding would cost him his life in a minute. At that moment, a miracle happened that, by the power of mystery, the wreckage of the sports car began to merge with Johnson’s body. As a result, he not only survives an accident, but also becomes a magical new person who can transform sports cars.


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