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The 5 best support heroes in Mobile Legends

OKEGUYS – The best support hero in Mobile Legends is really needed folks because there are some of these heroes who have the chance to win.

Hero support also plays an important role in the game, where he can make it easier for the core to do everything, both adding HP and tuning enemies.

Additionally, support has also recently become a ranked mode ban subscription for guys. Why? Because the support itself is quite inconvenient for some opponents in Mobile Legends.

But it all comes down to how you play it guys, do you want to know who the heroes are? Follow this article.

The best collection of support heroes in Mobile Legends

Basically there are still very few heroes with their own support role in Mobile Legends, but of several heroes there are those who have the best level, guys, here is the list.

1. Angela

Angela the best support heroine in mobile legends
Photo: Mobile Legends

The front row is Angela, one of the best support heroes in Mobile Legends.

Currently, Angela is used very often in ranked mode, as the hero has additional damage to his abilities at this point.

Plus, Angela is basically a support heroine who can add blood to her friends and is capable of doing pretty thick absurdities.

2. Estes: Hero Support Mobile Legends

estes hero supports mobile legends
Photo: Mobile Legends

Estes is a support hero who is very difficult for opponents, guys, with his ultimate ability that can dramatically increase all of the team’s HP.

So when you are at war, your HP is guaranteed to be safe if you already have Estes.

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3. Mathilda

Mathilda the best support hero in mobile legends
Photo: Mobile Legends

Mathilda is not only quite a difficult support for opponents, but also one of the support heroes that can be used as magicians, guys.

When Mathilda is made a mage, Mathilda can deal significant damage to opponents, she can also do 1 on 1 with fighter and assassin opponents.

4. Rafaela

Photo: Mobile Legends

Next up is Rafaela, just like Estes, this support hero is better suited for HP regeneration.

Where Rafaela is able to add HP to friends who are nearby by using her skills. In addition, if she becomes a mage, Rafaela also has great harm.

5. Carmilla

Hero supports mobile legends
Photo: Mobile Legends

If Carmila can be called one of the support heroes who can suck the enemy’s blood, guys, besides being a very annoying stun hero.

The average gamer using that one hero often has to kidnap enemy core heroes, and of course Carmilla is the best hero in Mobile Legends.

So this is a collection of heroes with the best support roles in Mobile Legends. What’s your favorite hero guys?

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