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The 5 best items in Mobile Legends that can make heroes stronger

In Mobile Legends game, the hero’s strength is very important. It’s not just about how well the hero attacks, but also how strong the hero defends himself against enemy attacks. All players want a hero who is strong and doesn’t die easily.

Some heroes have fairly strong defense while others come with relatively low defense. This requires the right items to maximize the hero’s power. Well, here Jaka is going to tell you the best items in Mobile Legends that can make your hero stronger.

Bloodthirsty King

The bloodthirsty king really helps with an additional 1550 HP points to make the hero stronger and more survivable. Not only that, every time you kill or help you get an additional 20% HP and 10 second cooldown.

Demon advent

By using the Advent Demon item, the hero receives an additional 920 HP points and 30 HP regeneration points. This item also provides 54 additional armor points. When enemy heroes attack, this ability also reduces attack power by 6%. This effect lasts for 2 seconds and can be accumulated up to 3 times.

Damn helmet

The cursed helmet helps strengthen the hero’s defenses by providing an additional 920 HP points. In addition, this item also increases the hero’s magic resistance up to 50 points.

heart of steel

Using the Heart of Steel item gives the hero an additional 880 HP points and 35 HP regeneration points. This item also adds 30 points and increases chin chance by 20%.

Thunder belt

By using this one item, the hero has many advantages. In addition to 800 HP points and 15 HP regeneration points, this item offers an additional 25 points of magical power, 400 points of mana and 40 points of armor.

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