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Stand by! How to overcome Reconnect Mobile Legends

OKEGUYS – Reconnecting in Mobile Legends naturally leads to confusion, especially in the game.

Etss, you don’t need to worry, there are several ways you can overcome this, but before you know the method, it is a good idea to know the cause first. the following is the explanation.

Causes of Mobile Legends reconnecting

Reconnect itself is a process in which you reconnect with your Games After disconnecting from the internet, the player will automatically exit the game.

However, this happens to players who are disconnected for a few seconds. Unlike lag networks where you can still play Games but in a broken condition.

As for the lost connection, you really can’t connect to it Gamesso that you lose everything that happens inside you Games. This way you will have to reconnect.

You have received the explanation, then we will proceed to the overcoming option.

How to overcome reconnection in Mobile Legends

There are several things you can do when you experience it reconnect continuously, here is the complete guide.

1. Connect directly to the WiFi network

The network of the SIM card you are using is not always good guys, there can be delays in accessing it and it is unstable which can cause issues including loss of connection.

This is the best way to have to connect to a WiFi network or ask a friend or relative for a hotspot.

2. Activate the network boost function

How to Fix Reconnet Mobile Legends

Moonton currently offers a Network Boost option to every player so that players who experience an unstable network can enable this feature.

This feature can combine two networks between WiFi and your cellular data so that the connection Games Mobile Legends can run smoothly because it is operated by two networks at the same time.

But the minus is that your cellular data packet is still in use folks because the network is still connected and in use.

3. Activate the speed mode function

Before creating the above features, Mobile Legends created the Speed ​​Mode feature first. You can enable this feature and make the network pretty stable.

The effect, however, is that more mobile data is used and the battery is likely to drain even faster.

4. Empty the cache and test the connection

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Before starting the battle in Mobile Legends, it is a good idea to clear the cache and test your internet connection first.

You can access this feature by clicking arrangement > network > press Network test. After the process is complete, information about the strength of your Internet connection will be displayed.

5. Enter Indonesia or Asia Server

Using the wrong server can also result in reconnect At GamesThat way you have to be careful which server you are using.

Since the server itself chooses the distance between the guys connections, it is very difficult to connect to the network when your server is far away.

Well, those are some ways to overcome reconnect in Mobile Legends. Good luck and good luck guys.

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