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Sour Sally's unique collaboration with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Sour Sally, the original Indonesian brand and the pioneer of the first frozen yogurt in Indonesia, this time is working with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), the most popular MOBA game in Indonesia, to bring a new flavored frozen yogurt to the market bring that different, but still packed with the well-known Indonesian flavors and also with a unique name, namely the name of the popular MLBB hero.

Kadita, the mage-assassin hero in Land of Dawn is one of the heroes inspired by the original Indonesian character, and Lancelot, one of the popular assassin heroes in MLBB, has also been chosen as the character who will play the two latest variants of Frozen yogurt from Sally presented Sour.
In the Fantastic Flavors of Local Legends campaign, Kadita Freeze 2 new frozen yogurt variants, inspired by Es Doger, and Lancelot Like-it-A-Lot, inspired by Es Cendol.

“We are very excited to be working with Sour Sally and are introducing something new for all MLBB users, namely two new flavors of frozen yogurt, inspired by the flavors of the archipelago, and in collaboration with two popular characters in MLBB, namely Kadita and Lancelot , “said Summer Ding, Head of Indonesia Marketing, Moonton Indonesia.” We hope this collaboration is something that can add to the excitement of playing MLBB games with friends and family. “

“The flavors of Es Doger and Es Cendol, which have long been part of Indonesian culinary tradition, go perfectly with the Frozen Yogurt Sour Sally, which is preferred by consumers in the country. In Kadita Freeze and Lancelot Like-It-A-Lot we combine these flavors with the frozen yogurt variant White Skim and package them in a modern way for the younger generation of Indonesia, who are increasingly mastering digital technologies and activities in cyberspace. Working with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, we’re trying to rekindle this generation’s love for the archipelago’s culinary heritage, ”said Adhi Putra Tawakal, Head of Marketing, Sour Sally Group.

Kadita Freeze, a creation inspired by Es Doger, uses Sour Sally’s signature White Skim Frozen Yogurt and is paired with various toppings such as Doger sauce, cassava ribbon, Kolang-Kaling and black sticky rice. Lancelot Like-It-A-Lot, a creation inspired by Es Cendol, also uses White Skim Frozen Yogurt with a mixture of Cendol, brown sugar, jackfruit paste and coconut flakes. Both products are available in cup packs with individual servings and take-home packs of 250 grams and 500 grams, which can be enjoyed together anywhere.

MLBB always wants to offer something unique and different to all of its users. This collaboration will certainly be a very interesting and highly anticipated thing. Working with MLBB and Sour Sally, they got to try frozen yogurt while having fun with their friends.

This collaborative creation by Sour Sally and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will be available to purchase offline and online in Sour Sally stores from August 17, 2021.

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