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SMA tournament: Mobile Legends Minor Series 1 begins

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – After the PUBGM tournament, the Female Gaming League held another tournament for women only. This time the Female Gaming League attracts the women Mobile Legends players through the Tournament Female Gaming League: Mobile Legends Minor Series 01 from November 8th to 10th.

Usually, Mobile Legends is dominated by male gamers. This time it’s time for the ladies to show off! In this tournament the women will put their skills to the test in playing Mobile Legends.

The women’s team’s enthusiasm for participating in this tournament is quite high, with the teams that will be competing not just any team including:


EVOS women’s team. (Photo: special /

The team consisting of Listy Chan, Earl, Pucci, Pica, Caramel and Funi should not be underestimated! Their strategy was perfect and there was no way the enemy could win.


BELLETRON women’s team. (Photo: special /

Diabetes! Belletron is made up of 6 deadly cute girls. There are Elle, Chinoeli, Gummy, Vivian, Venom and Babymay. The six players of the Belletron team have their respective hero specialties. A member of Belletron has at least two different hero roles as a second choice during the game.

Siren moon

SIREN MOON women’s team. (Photo: special /

Team Esports is a newbie who dares to challenge pro-player teams! How’s the performance? Let’s take a look at FGL: Mobile Legends Minor Series 01!

Sacrifice Briona

VICTIM BRIONA women’s team. (Photo: special /

Team Victim Esports Ladies Mobile Legends Division. Their whereabouts are still a secret and they will show up in the Female Gaming League: Mobile Legends Minor Series 01 tournament! Curious? See them live on Youtube Esporttainment!

Recca Esports

RECCA women’s team. (Photo: special /

Just like Victim, Recca Esports’s Mobile Legends Division has not yet been shown! You will show yourself off in this Female Gaming League: Mobile Legends Minor Series 01 tournament! Soo, check out the live ladies!


Ladies QUEEN team. (Photo: special /

The Queen team is a team that emerged from their old team, namely SFI Queen. Beautiful and graceful like women, these women also have their own playing techniques, which are sure to knock out their opponents reliably.

This is the women’s team that will compete against each other from November 8th to 10th, 2021. Watch the exciting match live on the Esporttainment Youtube Channel!

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