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Signs of players using cheats in Mobile Legends

OKEGUYS! A lot of cheats are currently circulating in the Mobile Legends game, one of which is a network cheat which is very difficult for us as gamers.

This cheat has also been included in the Mobile Legends game for a long time and even since Mobile Legends was overcrowded in Indonesia around 2021.

Then to use the Mobile Legends cheat yourself it is very easy, folks, by having to install a certain script into our Mobile Legends data.

Of course, the script is very illegal considering it changes the dates in the Mobile Legends game just to do what they want.

Then what are the signs when our enemy uses this network cheat while playing the MLBB Guys game?

Mobile Legends GamePlay Network So Lag

Characters from Cheat Mobile Legends

The only sign we get when the enemy uses a network cheat in Mobile Legends is that the gameplay is delayed or the ping on the network can be as low as 200ms.

While opening other applications like Youtube, Instagram or others is fine, there are no signs of a network interruption at all.

But in another case, if while playing we come across an opposing player who can suddenly lower our ping drastically, then that player is most likely using this network cheat, guys.

If we don’t fight it, our ping is normal and there is no interference whatsoever.

These are the latest signs of fighting enemies using network cheats in Mobile Legends.

Remember guys, don’t use any cheats right now, okay?

Since at this point the game itself is designed to permanently lock accounts, there is a risk of users cheating.

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