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Shocking: The legendary esports team Saint Indo officially announces the breakup

GAMEFINITY ID, CIREBON – Recently, surprising news emerged from the world of Esports Mobile Legends Indonesia, namely Saint Indo. Through the official Saints Indo Instagram post, they announced that their names would no longer appear in the esports world or could be labeled as resolved.

They announced this through their official Instagram account page and said goodbye to their loyal fans after being in the esports scene for 5 years.

Saints Indo itself is a pretty old esports organization in Indonesia. This team’s work began in the early days of MPL ID from Season 1 to Season 3. In fact, Saint Indo was the first team to become Indonesian delegate at the MSC 2021 international event.

This team also spawned many of the star mobile legends including Daylen, Warpath, Jess no limit, Hexazor and Oura.

Bears many star players to the world

In its prime, Saints Indo gave birth to many talented players in Mobile Legends itself.

One of them is Saints Hinelle (now on the SIREN esports team) who rose to the top of the world in season 3, then Warpath, Jesnolimit and Oura were top of the world in seasons 5, 6 and 7. But Jess and Oura decided to join the team and officially joined Evos Esport.

Who used to be a fan of this team? Not just you, how come I’m a Saints Indo fan too.

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