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Shirou's Skill, the fastest delivery driver in the open fire

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Free Fire currently has 37 characters including the newly added Shirou and Skyler. Each character has a special ability that affects the game situation and helps the player win the battlefield. Shirou was added to Free Fire by Garena a while ago and will be available to players on February 27th.

Shirou’s in-game description says “Shirou is the fastest delivery man”. Shirou has a passive skill called Damage Delivered. At the base level, Damage Delivered marks the opponent for 6 seconds if the player is hit by an opponent within 80m. This tag is only visible to the player and the first shot at a marked enemy results in an additional 50 percent armor penetration. This ability has a 35 second cooldown.

When leveling up, players can get 100 percent additional armor penetration with the first shot at a marked enemy. The cooldown has been reduced significantly to 20 seconds.

Like every other character in Garena Free Fire, Shirou has a special character set called the Hurricane Delivery Set. Players can get the character for free by signing up on February 27, 2021.

First, the player must start Garena Free Fire and open the special Cobra menu by pressing the icon on the right side of the screen. Then players simply tap on the “Login Reward” option. A dialog box will appear where the survivor simply presses the claim button to get the character.

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