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Recommendations for the weakest Eudora build in Mobile Legends

OKEGUYS – This time, OKEGUYS will bring you the recommendation to build the sickest Eudora hero in Mobile Legends for the latest meta 2021.

Eudora is one of the mage heroes with skills Burst damage very sick. Of course, it gets more painful when you use the right build item.

Even with high-ranking players, the hero, who has existed since season 1, is still a favorite. It was all because of the superiority that Eudora had.

Now OKEGUYS will tell you MLBB lovers, especially Eudora players, the best and most painful build item in this meta.

Take good care, yes, so that you can immediately improve the rank and defeat all opponents!

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The sickest Eudora build in 2021

1. Arcane boots

The sickest build of Eudora
Photo: mobile-legends.fandom

Arcane boots will be your first item, with this one Eudora gets +15 magical penetration and Attribute +40 movement speed.

2nd clock of fate

The sickest build of Eudora
Photo: mobile-legends.fandom

Next you can buy Clock of fate to strengthen the primary attributes and your heroes. You get too passive skills which is very useful.

3. Genius wand

Photo: mobile-legends.fandom

Become your third item Genius wand will be very appropriate as it will give you +75 magic power, + 5% movement speed, and Attribute +15 magical penetration.
This will make all of your abilities sicker!

4. Fleeting time

Photo: mobile-legends.fandom

Fleeting time very useful for Eudora as a hero mage as it shortens the duration cooling down Eudora’s abilities.

5. Lightning stick

Photo: mobile-legends.fandom

Passive skills what is given Lightning stick will severely hurt the damage done by Eudora’s abilities.

6. Holy crystal

Photo: mobile-legends.fandom

The Holy Crystal is Eudora’s last item and will be addedn +100 magical power and magic attack by 21-25%.

This is the recommendation for the OKEGUYS version of the Eudora build item, with which you can win in games and improve your rank.

If you have any other build items for Eudora, please let us know!

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