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Recommendations: 5 Best Websites Discussing Mobile Legends

Fans of this mobile legend moba game are now all over the world, with the many difficulties of playing this game, of course you need a site / forum to just discuss a few issues while playing this game. I have read all of the websites and blogs I recommend below and have proven myself to be very professional in discussing Mobile Legends games. Not only tips and tricks are discussed, but also what items are expected for the hero.

Of course, for a beginner, they have to study and learn to become a professional player. Because playing Mobile Legends is not only fun, but good tactics are also expected to defeat the enemies.

Recommended Blog Tips and Tricks Mobile Legend: Bang Bang

1. My

Tips and tricks for mobile legends have been discussed on this blog for a long time, in fact almost all Moba games are discussed there. With a dynamic and elegant look and feel, this blog is the perfect means to learn how to play mobile legend. From the discussion of heroes and guilds, this blog post proves a good google search engine. is a professional blog indeed, considering the nature of the discussion and the look and feel of the blog. If you are interested in honing your mobile legend skills, I recommend checking out my


The name of this blog is pretty well known among Moba game lovers, a lot of mobile legends have been discussed on this site as well. This page discusses many of the strongest heroes in mobile legends, from Hayabusa, Freya, etc. This site has easy to understand language so even beginners like me can understand all of the tips and tricks shared on this site.


If you are looking for an account to buy or want to sell skins, items, etc. this is the place. It’s almost like a buy and sell page, lots of items are sold there. Never have I ever bought anything on the blog because I’m just a free gamer. But don’t be afraid to do business with this website. Before buying and selling, the first thing you should do is check the information on a website to make sure it is safe, that is all my advice.


This blog discusses games and tricks, not specifically with mobile legends, but this blog is sufficient as a reference to learn tricks to play mobile legends. I also applied all the dishes that are written on the blog and it is proven that my game has improved a little. From game guides to hero building to getting influential, I’ve also discussed recommended items on the site that are mandatory for mobile legend heroes are also discussed. The point of updating mobile legends is discussed on


This blog is one that I recommend to you. You need to know the tricks on this blog that you can learn in order to become a professional gamer. For beginners, it is very suitable to first read through a few tips that are presented in this blog. Not only does this blog have moba games for mobile legends, but it also has tons of fun tips on how to play.

Conclusion recommendations

Of any website or blog that I recommend you should learn every stanza of words and codes on the blog. Understanding the stroke of a pen can help you incorporate these tips and tricks into your game. As in the beginning, all of the above websites are just a learning tool. If you want to get better at the mobile legend game, you shouldn’t be stingy when shopping.

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