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Reasons Mobile Legends Sells Better Than Other Moba Games

OKEGUYS! Why is Mobile Legends currently selling better than other Moba games, folks?

Well OKEGUYS will give some of the reasons.

Because Mobile Legends is one of the most famous mobile games with millions of players all over the world, folks.

Indonesia itself, this moba genre game is very popular.

So there are several esports organizations in Indonesia that are using Mobile Legends as one of the competing game departments.

Okay, let’s get into discussion for a couple of reasons.

Mobile Legends is the best-selling other Moba games

Reasons for Mobile Legends to Sell Other Moba Games

If you are a loyal fan of this game by Moontoon you often have to wonder why this game is selling well in Indonesia. Here’s why:

1. The controller in this game is simple

In addition to good optimization, a game is considered good if it has a simple control mechanism.

Such a simple mechanism is part of Mobile Legends. This game itself is a moba game activist on smartphones with analog controls.

The analog controls in Mobile Legends are arguably the best and easiest than other Moba games.

2. Play with friends

As a game with online multiplayer features, Mobile Legends naturally offers something interesting for gamers, namely the opportunity to play guys with your friends.

That one reason is arguably the biggest reason this game is selling well in Indonesia.

Mobile Legends can be played with 5 to 10 friends at the same time. Aside from training teamwork, playing Mobile Legends with friends is also a way to positively channel hobbies, folks.

3. Can play on low-end phones

Mobile Legends originally had a data size of 500 MB.

However, through weekly updates, the amount of data on Mobile Legends also increases in the end.

Even so, this game can play smoothly even on low-end smartphones, folks.

OKEGUYS, that’s about some of the reasons Mobile Legends is selling well in Indonesia.

With the increasing number of players around the world, it is possible that Mobile Legends will later become the most popular mobile game of all time and have its own international tournament.

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